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17A Portland Street,
Southport, PR8 1LR
United Kingdom
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Customer Reviews for Portland Hall Spa (16)

June 4, 2012
This place is a joke. The customer care is non existent and you actually feel like you're in the way sitting in a corridor. Considering some of the previous reviews , which are now several years old, you would have thought the management would have addressed the issues raised. Don't waste your money and be ripped off as I feel we were.
February 22, 2012
I would not recommend.
A bad experience from start to finish. I had concerns before we even arrived as the staff member taking the booking was very hostile. Upon arrival there was no smile or warm welcome, we were left for 20 mins without anyone offering a drink or even speaking to us. The treatment room was very uninviting, no robe and slippers as promised. Was told by a nameless therapist (as she never bothered to introduce herself ) to undress apart from knickers and trousers if cold and to get under the most uninviting thin cheap cloth cover. (What no lovely thick towel ) After a few words regarding my feelings on the service so far it was obvious she was not going to give me the relaxing experience I had been looking forward to .I declined the offer of climbing under the bit of cloth and returned to the waiting room to await the others. The manager/owner did not bother to come and ask why I had declined my treatments or ask what had gone wrong. Out of 3 people only one person had the treatments and came down very disappointed. We are regular spa users and she had not been given the service she was used to and certainly not the normal Elamis procedures. I will not be returning and they have just lost themselves a hen do booking.
July 15, 2011
A joke!
Considering this spa's website leads you to believe that you'll experience a luxurious relaxing time the reality is far from it. Lack of relaxing area - like sitting in a doctor's waiting room/corridor Friendly but no finesse and organisation from the staff Local swimming baths have roomier and cleaner changing room Too much time spent waiting I could go on but not worth the effort as is a trip to this so called spa. Don't bother!!
October 4, 2010
i have visited portland hall on many occasions and i have always found the staff very professonal and friendly they are well trained and the building is amazing with high ceilings and stained glass windows giving it a very relaxing atmospher. the spa pool is one of the best i have ever been in and relaxes you totally ready for the day of treatments ahead 10 out of 10.
July 18, 2010
This spa was very unlike any other we had attended. We were made to sit and wait constantly all afternoon without any guidance or itinerary as to what we would be doing. We were allowed in the changing room 3 at a time because it wasn't big enough for the 6 of us.lunch was very mediocre and we did not receive the 3 courses that we paid for. We sat for 30 mins after eating,waiting for someone to collect us and no one came so we sat ourselves back in the church hall-like waiting area. Eventually someone came thru and took us to the 'candlelit pool'- a jacuzzi for 12 with a few tealights lit around the sides and plastic chairs all around,not a lounged in sight which u would expect from a 'spa'. Fresh fruit and water arrived 20 mins later when we were told they were almost ready for our treatments-this was another half hr. Facials were 'ok' and eyebrow waxing turned out to be tweezers which I couldve done myself at home. Overall very disappointing and I won't be recommending it.
July 16, 2010
A perfect Day
I visited Portland Hall Spa with my sister two weeks ago as we both felt like we needed a treat. Well what a treat it was! From the moment we stepped through the door we were looked after as though we were the only people there. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff, who presented us with a pot of freshly brewed mint tea. The candlelit spa pool was exactly as described. It was so peaceful and relaxing - I could have stayed in there all day! As for our treatments - they were divine! We both had an Elemis Deep Tissue Back Massage followed by an Elemis Luxury Facial. My massage was the best I've ever had - the pressure was spot on and the therapist took every care to make sure I was comfortable throughout. My facial was equally as good with hot steamy mitts, fabulous products and a gorgeous scalp massage whilst the mask was working its magic! I looked glowing afterwards and felt a million dollars. I must also add that the beautiful stained glass windows in the treatment rooms made for a lovely atmosphere. To finish our leisurely day we had the 3 course buffet lunch which was delicious! As we helped ourselves to the platters of freshly cooked salmon, greek salad, fresh fruit and other gorgeous goodies, we chatted to a couple who were also spending the day there. They were equally as impressed with Portland Hall and were already planning their next visit. All in all both myself and my sister agreed that Portland Hall Spa was excellent value for money and we will definitely return!! Thanks to all!!
July 16, 2010
Wonderful Spa Day
I visited Portlandhall Spa with my friend yesterday and i was very impressed with the fantasic building and wonderful staff we really enjoyed our day and will be coming back next month for another friends birthday.
July 15, 2010
Relax and Enjoy
Came to Portland Spa with a friend as a special treat for her birthday. We were extremely well looked after and felt totally pampered from start to finish. The treatments were given in a professional manner which added to the peaceful atmosphere.The building itself is beautiful and full of charm. The spa pool is just what it claims to be and not a swimming pool as other reviewers have inferred. I had a fab massage and facial. No skimping on the times. My only gripe was lunch. Owing to our treatment schedule, we had to have a very late lunch and we basically had what was left on the table! Slightly sad and a minor inconvenience which didn't spoil the day. But who goes to a spa for the food?
June 27, 2010
Missing those finishing touches
Visited with friends for a girlie pamper day. On arrival shown to lounge area and offered tea, coffee or a cold drink. We were told what treatments we could chose from ,however this was incorrect and we had to tell the member of staff what was on offer. Her excuse was that the special offer deals were always changing. We also enquired about having lunch but were told this has to be pre booked. We were also told that they were busy that day due to a hen party being there too. As we pointed out our money was as good as theirs and we shouldn't expect a second rate service as a result. Having pointed this out as well as the fact their website doesn't mention having to pre book food we were told they could offer us the buffet lunch at £12.50 per head. What we got in fact was first picks at the buffet that had been set out for the hen party. The food was lovely and a nice variety of dishes although there was no dessert as the menu shows. We also observed that after we'd eaten no extra food was added but instead the food redistributed around the platters to cover up the gaps we'd made in them. Wonder if the hen arty realised!! We then made our way to get changed into our robes and slippers. The changing area is very small and no privacy. It also didn't help that wet swimming costumes were hanging from the lockers and dripping all over the floor. We also had to share lockers, not good when you're left waiting after treatments for your friend to finish so you can have the key! Make sure you know your friends if you go in a group or that you have a bikini or costume as you do share treatments such as the razul steam area. The treatments themselves were fantastic and I couldn't fault the care and time taken. On finishing I was told to make my way downstairs where a member of staff would meet me. This didn't happen as I was left standing there. I wasn't sure if I should go and get dressed again or just sit and chill. Perhaps there is another area to sit and unwind but we were shown the settees by the stairs which was a bit of a thorough fare and not relaxing. A lounge with some magazines etc would have been nice. As the changing area was full I was shown into the hair salon to dry off my hair. All I can say is the salon was being used as a staff area with their handbags, cigarettes and lighters, remains of their lunch strewn around the room. Ok perhaps they didn't have any clients in that day but it shouldn't have been in that state if I was being allowed to use it. After getting changed we had to ask for our complimentary smoothie as the staff weren't aware it was included in the package. They also couldn't offer us our first choice as they disn't have the ingredients. I've also sincenoted that the fresh fruit mentioned n the website as part of the package didn't appear! The buliding itself is beatiful but needs a bit of upgrading in some areas ie. the changing room s and the grounds outside. We sat at a table outside which was in desperate need of restaining and had someones name scratched on it, not what you'd expect from a spa, more your local pub. To conclude.. the treatments were fab, but the staff need to know what's going on more and what the packages do and don't include, make everyone feel pampered and special all the time and the building needs a little bit of TLC too to make it the top class spa experience that its website entices you to believe and to make it worth the £89.99 charged. I've paid less for a far better experience elsewhere and so wouldn't return.
May 29, 2010
My friends and I had been looking forward to this spa experience for some time, but found it far from relaxing. I'm sure the building was at one time beautiful, but it's been poorly partitioned up and the so-called relaxation lounge felt like a draughty church hall with a couple of sofas in it - with not enough seating for all the people they had booked in. As someone else has said, we spent a lot of time waiting, with no one telling us our itinerary or giving us any idea of waiting times. As it was, they told us to arrive at 1.30, but then claimed they had not, and as a result we were left waiting around a long time, and made to feel that it was our own fault. Our lunch was exactly as described by the other reviewer, except we didn't even get cheesecake - desert was half a crumbled meringue nest, 4 blueberries, and 2 raspberries. I was disappointed by my massage - the worst I've ever had. A lot of oil that didn't even smell nice, and someone running their elbows up and down my back - not very therapeutic or relaxing. The sauna was too hot to use at 110 degrees, and the pool (hot tub actually) was very chlorinated. Oh, and to top it off - the milk in the tea / coffee was longlife - hardly the stuff of luxury!! Go to Formby, much nicer.
March 16, 2010
We were blessed
You cannot believe how blessed we were by our wonderful time spent at Portland Hall Spa on Friday 5th March 2010. Two jaded, battle-scarred and weary ladies entered the Portland Spa at 3pm; nearly 4 hours later two very different gals emerged! Rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed, renewed - we have promised ourselves we will be back. We need to make the time to return to the lovely oasis you have created. Thank you to all the staff for treating us as though we were the most important people in the world - we will be back! Elizabeth Clarke and Pat Ashmall.
March 14, 2010
very poor service
After visiting portland hall and spa on fri 13th march, on arriving at 12:15pm and friendly staff that show you into the sitting area to then wait for your wonderful 3 course lunch at £12.50 booked for 12:45pm. we waited 3/4 of an hour then were told that we could go and sit down and help our selves to soup, which was carrot and corriander and aweful, then after ordering sandwiches then had to wait an hour because they were waiting for a quiche by this time the stress levels had risen but the cheesecake did arrive within 5 mins. It was a very poor lunch to say the least i would have gone to macdonalds instead, never again. The tea and coffee was ordered to arrive with the cheesecake but we then had to ask for it. So after lunch we then had to wait for an allocated time slot for the lovely candlelit spa pool, so of course me and my friend got our costumes on ready for a lovely swim only to find when we opened the door it was a 6 foot wide jacuzzi great if that is what you want to sit in for an hour with plastic chairs around the sides, and a small sauna, well something out of faulty towers because we then received our fresh fruit and drinks at the pool side (jacuzzi side) of a kebab stick with a few pieces of fruit and a glass of water what pure heaven, (NOT). Our massage was good but if you are looking for a full half hour or an hour you will be very dissapointed not value for money at all. All the staff are very friendly and therapists are good at their jobs, but the management/running of these premises is appauling and we had no sorry what so ever when we were leaving, all they wanted was your money and I hated giving in £25 (x2 lunches) for a lousy sandwich, crap soup and cheesecake. Be warned to be waiting and waiting and waiting for everything. We would not rate this so called spa at all, give me formby hall and spa (swimmingpool) any day.
December 18, 2009
Magnificent Moroccan Mud Rasul
I promised the staff that I would write this. I'm a blokey bloke who wouldn't have tried a spa without the wife's persuasion. It was great. The mud Moroccan Rasul followed by the deep tissue massages was memorable. My wife loved the attention from the staff. We felt looked after all day. We had the Spa Ritual for Two with the buffett lunch and bubbly and chocolates to finish. I had hot stone therapy recommended to me. That will be next!
November 5, 2008
What a fantastic place!
I just read the previous review and it prompted me to write. I am a regular visiter to Portland Hall Spa. I've been with various girlfriends - about six times to date, and each time we've had a wonderful experience. The staff have been attentive, the treatments excellent and we haven't ever been left waiting. I know that they allow 30 minutes 'arrival' time so you have time for coffees and winding down in general - but that's good. Who wants to be rushed at a Spa?
October 31, 2008
Give this spa a miss
I have used this spa twice now and each time the service and organisation or dis-organisation has meant a very disappointing experience. The staff leave you waiting either in the cafe or spa pool for what feels like hours on end with out so much as a glass of water or an explanation of what you can expect out of you time at the spa (i.e. a half hour wait before they begin treatments). On the second occasion that I tried the spa a friend had booked us in for a spa experience which should have included certain treatments and she confirmed this at the time of booking. When we got there they gave us the incorrect treatments (meaning that in effect we lost out on about £40 of treatments each). The manager then promised to call us to rearrange another date to come back and have the correct treatments that we had pre-paid for but we are still waiting a call back after contacting them on more than one occasion to rearrange. That all being said, to attempt to balance out this review the therapists are very good at what they do it's just a shame that the management and administration doesn't come close. I would not recommend this spa to anyone and I won't be bothering with a third time lucky visit!!!! You have been warned!
July 26, 2007
A present to remember
Mineral mud on our skins, we sat in the gorgeous Moroccan Razul, breathing in herb scented steam, amazed that we were there. Soon, warm showers from the twinkling ceiling rinsed off the mud, and we lay, side by side, totally relaxed, being massaged by expert hands. In these elegant surroundings, it is easy to let go and just enjoy the novelty of being pampered, and even better to experience it all as a twosome.
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