Salon and Spa at 160, The

Salon and Spa at 160, The

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160 Woolwich Street,
Guelph, ON N1H 3V3
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Customer Reviews for Salon and Spa at 160, The (18)

September 27, 2013
Great spa experience -not so great salon
Let me just start off by saying I had a great experience at the spa upstairs. My boyfriend purchased me a package for the 1/2 spa, and I thoroughly enjoyed it - save for my experience with the salon. The spa package finished off with a hair wash & style. The senior stylist who was to do my hair started off by washing my hair with scalding hot water and yanking out the tangles. He then proceeded to rip a comb through my hair in an attempt, I'm assuming, to detangle it. I have very dry, fine hair and he did not apply a single product to my hair. I asked him to style my hair "big and curly" - he proceeded to blow dry my hair & half curl it - he did such a bad job, I left looking like my hair was half done. He was so rough on my hair, he even singed it with the curling iron. He didn't even finish it off with hair spray! I could've done a 10x better job myself.
November 5, 2012
the perfect gift for my wife
I decided to treat my wife to a day at the spa for our anniversary. I'm not very experienced with the spa thing. I called the spa at 160 to get a little more information. The lady on the phone was very knowledgeable and was very patient with me and made the decision making process very easy. I ended up choosing the half day package for my wife. What really sold me on this establishment was how happy my wife was when she came home. She couldn't stop talking about what a great experience it was. She also told all of her friends so I know she meant it when she said it was the best gift ever. I will definitely send her back there again.
January 10, 2011
Best gift ever!
As my partner is incredibly particular in her taste level and accordingly impossible to shop for I purchased a number of over labelled and branded items this year for her for Christmas. As an after thought I purchased a salon package from this salon. I am so glad I did as it was the only gift that she seemed to truly appreciate as she can buy the rest of her items for herself but wouldn't naturally spend the money on a spa day. She will now apparently. You'll have to excuse the perfect rating as I wasn't there myself and am dependent on the appreciation factor but from the extensive accolades I have heard from her that is my best guess. Next year the Spa at 160 will be one of my first stops as opposed to the last. For the record, I had my hair cut downstairs at the Salon at 160 afterwards as I was short on time over the holidays. I found their staff to be knowledgeable and accomodating given the short notice. Although I will continue my relationship with my regular stylist I wouldn't think twice about going back to them and plan on buying my girlfriend a gift certificate for both places for Valentines day. As she is incredibly time-poor the one stop shopping would likely work out well for her.
January 10, 2011
absolutely wonderful!
what an amazing experience...staff were so nice and thoughtful, and the atmosphere was peaceful and tranquil. Spa at 160 is such a beautiful, relaxing and luxurious place, i'd go there every week if i could!
January 10, 2011
Go here!!
I have been to this spa on numerous occassions and have enjoyed it each and every time! The spa girls are super friendly, welcoming and so knowledgeable! I was very impressed with the professionalism and the fact that they went above and beyond what they needed too. I love that they provide robes and slippers, even if your their for a pedicure. The management was also professional and went through great lengths to make me feel welcomed. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a high class salon or spa to relax and forget your worries!
January 10, 2011
Love it!
I have been to this spa many times and always have great service and results. People ask me all the time where I get my nails done. I have given many gift certificates to the salon/spa and it has always been well received.
January 10, 2011
My time at this establishment was amazing! right from the beginning to the end. my boyfriend bought me a full day at the spa. All the treatments were so relaxing and all the staff were courteous and knowledgeable. my day ended in the salon for a blow out. the salon staff were amazing too. i even had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the salon and staff and he was a complete pleasure. I have since gone back to get my hair cut and i will continue to keep going. This is definately the place to be in guelph!
January 10, 2011
Would Definately Recommend!
Went in there on a recommendation from a friend. I had been to another salon and got my hair cut and coloured and was devasted by the outcome and thought I would not be able to fix my hair untill it grew out. I spoke with the owner he was very friendly and went above and beyond to make me make sure I was satisfied. My hair turned out great and Ive been compliments ever since! Was so happy with my visit I went back for a fascial and pedicure at the spa... Great atmosphere and beautiful decor throughout the salon. Would definately recommend this salon/spa to anyone.
January 10, 2011
Beautiful Spa, Amazing Staff!
I recently visited this spa for the first time for a mani/pedi appointment and I can't wait to return! The atmosphere and decor of the salon is breathtaking, my nails looked fantastic and the staff were wonderful! Highly reccomend trying this spa!
November 23, 2010
Did not feel welcome
I've gone here a few times for the spa, and never got the same person twice. The service was okay, though not spectacular. Then I decided to visit the salon one day too, and was truly disappointed. I was left under the dryer for waaaaaaaaay too long with no attention or apologies; the manager was cutting my hair and was carrying on a conversation with the client next to me and not even trying to talk to me at all; they even offered her food right under my nose and didn't offer me anything. Talk about feeling unwelcome. I decided right then and there that I will never go to their salon, but as a result of their attitude, they have lost my spa business as well. Unfortunately, spafinder has lost my business as well because The Spa at 160 is the only spa in Guelph that takes these certificates, so they are no longer of use to me.
October 19, 2010
Favorite Esthetician gone
I have previously visited spa and loved the esthetician I had there. I returned and she was gone. The other girls were fine but the one I had back in the spring was awesome. The atmosphere downstairs is not nice and I suspect that is probably why they go through staff. I didn't feel the love at all downstairs and won't return. Now if I could just find out where Tali is working now they would definately have a new customer.
October 2, 2010
Never again!!
My review is for the salon and I can honestly say I was never so disappointed in my entire life. I had my hair died there a couple days before my wedding and ended up spending 6 hours there, It was a disaster. I'm 34 and I've been dying my hair for years I've never had my hair bleached. The process was started before I had a chance to say anything. The bleach ended up burning my scalp, I have psoriasis. Bleach and psoriasis are not a good mix. I'm pretty sure most know that. Once the die was rinsed out and I was ready to be blowdried I was informed that a girl who had never done a blow dry would be drying my hair, like I had more time for that. She had started and I had to interrupt her as my hair was the color of Rudolph's nose. They then toned it with a brown, copper shade which was much more acceptable but I still wasn't really satisfied. Once it was blowdried it was so dull, no shine to my hair at all. I went upstairs to the spa for a brow wax and ended up in tears. I went back a couple days later for my style for the wedding and ended up going home after two hours and pulling out every pin. I had terrible hair on my wedding day and would have had much better results if I had done it myself. I will never go back.
July 6, 2010
Crack a smile
My friend and I took her mother here for mother's day....I understand that it was a busy weekend, but the service was so perfunctory and not one of them could crack a smile. The two girls doing our pedicure talked to each other and ignored my friend and myself. I was really disappointed at the service considering the inflated prices we paid for mother's day. I felt like we were mere interuptions and annoyances. I'd rather go to Le Petite Spa in Guelph - they have wonderful staff and the owner is fantastic. The place is warm and intimate. A much more enjoyable experience for a lot less money!
April 4, 2010
I wouldn't go any where else!
I always went out of town because I thought Guelph did not have a day spa of this calibre but I was mistaken. I'm so glad my friend introduced me to this establishment. The atmosphere was so relaxing, the staff were so nice and knowledgeable, the facilities were beautiful and the the services were so interesting it was difficult to choose. And the best part, I didn't have to go far from home and they have their own free parking in the back. I am defintely going back and I encourage anyone to visit both the salon and the spa! Luv you guys!!
March 29, 2010
This spa is the best by far! It has a beautiful atmosphere! The boss goes above and beyond for his clients! I would recommend this spa to everyone!
February 17, 2010
Enjoyed my time
I wasn't crazy about having to go through the hair salon to get upstairs to the spa and found the atmosphere downstairs a little snobbish. I would agree with previous posters that management needs some customer service adjustments...however, once I got to the spa itself it was wonderful. The girls upstairs were great. My service provider was friendly, cheerful and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The prices are a little high and it would be nice if they offered some specials and incentives to return.
January 26, 2010
This place is horrible. Their pedicure chairs are so out dated and uncomfortable. The staff is not knowledgeable at all. And the owners are THE WORST by far. Stuck up, RUDE, ignorant. I wouldn't let my worst enemy go here! Do yourself the favour and go somewhere that deserves your money!
January 10, 2010
Looks can be decieving!
I would like to start off by saying that it is a beautiful spa with lots of potential. However, everytime I am in I have a new girl working on me. I find it to be a very expensive place for what they offer. I have witnessed rude language by management and think that this spa is not truly focused on you as the consumer. Why pay top dollar for services that aren't top notch?
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