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Bernard's Salon and Spa

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100 Springdale Road,
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
United States
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+1(856) 795-1707

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Mon: 9am  -  10pm Tues: 9am  -  10pm Wed: 9am  -  10pm Thu: 9am  -  10pm Fri: 9am  -  8pm Sat: 9am  -  5pm Sun: 9am  -  4pm
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Customer Reviews for Bernard's Salon and Spa (16)

Karen M
September 1, 2014
Just Okay.....
I had a Living Social deal for this spa located in Cherry Hill New Jersey. The atmosphere for the spa area consists of private rooms where you receive your services. Other spas that I have been to have waiting areas where you can sit and enjoy flavored water, teas, magazines, nuts, etc. This spa did not have any of those amenities that I could see nor was I told about any. The girl who did my facial was named Laura or Lauren. She was okay, but did not explain what she was using on my skin and what it was for. Also, in between treatments she was on her phone texting. She was nice enough, but I really did not get the sense she was someone who knows skin care and is able to interact in an intelligent manner with the customer about their skin. All in all, it was an okay experience, but I would not purchase again, even at the reduced price. I would rather pay more and return to some of my other favorite spas for facials like in Marlton or in Atco. I have had better facials compared to the facial that I received at Bernard's.
June 25, 2014
Great massage and manicure/pedicure
I guess it depends on who you go to for services because the reviews haven't been very good... I've been going regularly for massage and nails and i've gotten excellent treatment. Ive been going to Matthew for Swedish massages. If you are a woman and feel funny about going to a man for a massage, dont feel that way. You might be missing out on great therapy. Matt is very professional, informative, comforting but most of all his work is therapeutic. He really pays attention when i mention certain muscles which need work. Matt is passionate about what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great massage. My blood pressure is always lower for days after my massage, but that's me. For manicure/pedicures, I go to Mira. Very friendly but not too chatty and does excellent work that never disappoints. She's cleaned up my cuticles and callouses and my hands/feet are pretty! lol. I'm working on a 2nd week with an unblemished gel manicure. I won't go to anyone else now.
April 18, 2014
Never would pay full price..
I used my groupon certificate for an hour massage, a mani and pedi. My massage girl was pretty good but kept trying to chat with me. I don't like small talk during a massage. She also had a runny nose and told me she hopes I don't get sick.. No thanks. The mani/pedi was good, but I have had the same thing for much less at other places. Checkout time. I was advised to pay the tax for my massage. I try to swipe my credit card and they tell me no because it needs to be $35 limit. Lucky I had cash. Oh yeah, and tips are only done in cash. Will not be returning.
January 15, 2014
Rude, unprofessional SPA EVER Keep away
Worst unprofessional spa I have ever schedule at. I was given a 7 pm appointment and I was about 2-5 minutes away from the sap when I was told that my message was cancel because my therapist went home. This was my very first time there-- did not request any particular therapist so any therapist could have done my message. They claimed they call my cell to cancel me but lied because they never call . By the way this was my birthday gift because it was B-day. They ruined my pampered day for my Birthday. I paid for a package: message and manicure/pedicure but they offer the manicure /pedicure not the message. I will never go there or refer anyone: unprofessional customers service ......
August 3, 2013
Rude Staff, extra expenses
The staff at the Bernard's Salon and Spa in Sewell (which is under the same ownership as Cherry Hill) were very rude. I went in for a highlight and haircut and the stylist said that in order for the color/style to be "professional looking" it would be an additional $30. I had bought a gift certificate for highlights and told her they were included to which she responded "Oh, I will put bleach in your hair, but you won't be happy with the color unless you pay more". I have never dealt with such rude service before anywhere. I do not recommend this place.
March 12, 2012
Don't Waste Your Time or Money (even if discounted)
I went with a friend with a Groupon. While they said on the phone they were extending the expiration date because they closed the Marlton location for renovations, when I got there they refused to honor their word. The service was very unprofessional and the spa rooms were cold and very noisy. The walls were paper thin so I could hear the conversations in the rooms next to me and the discussion of the employees about their recent dates in the hallway. The massage and facial I had was average at best. It was likely one of the worst treatments I have ever had. In addition, there was no changing area/locker room so you had to carry all of your clothes and stuff from the massage room to the facial room. So you are trying to gather all of your belongings and move from room to room - just odd. Overall the experience was horrible and it is not worth the money. There are much better spas to go to in the area that are a much better experience, atmosphere and service. Don't waste your time or your money. If I could give less than 1 star - I would.
March 5, 2012
Terrible experience!!!
The place is too busy, poorly managed, VERY NOISY, everyone is always stressed and busy, and they give you a crappy service. It is like a salon in a busy mall. I would prefer some place I can relax, and get a better service. People are friendly, though overall experience is always stressful. Would not recommend to anyone!!
October 9, 2011
Not really worth the money
The salon is good for hair appointments, but the spa was a disappointment. Especially because the staff was so friendly, it's mainly because of the atmosphere. It was very hard to relax in the mediocre-setting room where I could hear everyone walk by :-(
July 18, 2011
love it!
Recently got a haircut. I LOVED it. Staff was knowledgeable and kind.
May 19, 2011
A little too noisy...
The services I have had here have been pretty good, but it is definitely more of a busy, noisy salon than a spa.
January 11, 2011
I would not recommend this place if you want to relax
I have been in this spa a several times for facials, massages, mani and pedi, etc. The prices are ok, but definitely not worth it. The place is too busy, poorly managed, everyone is always stressed and busy, and they give you a crappy service. It is like a salon in a busy mall. I would prefer some place I can relax, and get a better service. People are friendly, though overall experience is always stressful.
October 12, 2010
one of the best around
I just had my second son and thru out my entire pregnancy i went to bernards for my prenatal massages and hands down theyre the best around. Ive been to 2 other places and they were such a disappointment. i must agree however with the previous rater the salon can get kind of noisy at times but im so deep into my massage and the fact that the girl who was serving me was so awesome at her job. i also periodically get facials from here and they too are amazing tho i have no other salon to compare that service to i have been pleased with the results everytime. i almost always have giftcards when i go so i limit it to massages and facials mostly tho on a number of occasions i have gotten a mani and pedi from here theyre a little too expensive for me and the place in the echelon mall is just as good and aout 20 cheaper. eyebrow waxing is good here too but again its 20 at bernards and only 7 in the mall and they do just as good of a job. id highly recommend bernards for massages ESPECIALLY PRENATAL ask for Jamie shes a saint and facials everything else drive 5 minutes down the street to the echelon mall theyll take good care of you and with the money you save you can splurge on a cute outfit or an amazing night out :)
September 20, 2010
best massage therapists around
I consider myself a spa snob and this place is awesome! Ok, it doesn't have the relaxing atmosphere, with the tranquil sitting area and robes...., but if you can overlook that and want a great massage this is the place to be. I would say I have had 5-6 massages there (each time with a different person- male and female) and each one gets better and better. Their prices are great too. The more pricey places will have more ambiance. I say to heck with ambiance, I want a masseuse that knows what they are doing!
October 11, 2009
My birthday disappointment
I received a spafinder giftcard for my birthday. I looked up local day spas in my area and this one came up. I also have had a previous massage here that was okay. I was so disappointed in the amount of noise you hear while in a treatment room. This spa design was not thought out when in the planning stages. It is located next to the nail section which is very loud and noisy. Even the therapist that come down the hall ,that are bringing clents back do not use what you call " a spa voice". From the moment I laid down on the table to get my massage, I should have hopped up and gone elsewhere. To say the least, my massage was not at all relaxing and I thought that was what a massage was suppose to help you do. After I was done, I expressed my opinion to the therapist and told her she had done fine but the place is too loud and she should look elsewhere for a job where her technique would be appreciated. When I asked for cash back for the balance on the giftcard, I was told I would get a giftcard in return. I told them I would not be coming back. When asked why I explained that it was too noisy and I thought the whole purpose of getting a massage was to relax and I could not. There were no apologies made or any services offered for free ( not that I would have returned anyway to use them). But I felt like they could care less. I do not recommend this spa to anyone looking for relaxation.
April 1, 2007
Not bad for price
I have visited this Spa several times for several different things from massages, to hair, manicures and pedicures. I always feel the place is too busy and congested not very relaxing. It's like going to the mall on a friday night. However the people are friendly and the prices are good but when i want something done really well I go some place else.
August 17, 2006
Best Personal Treatment and Knowledge
From the time you step into the spa until you leave the associates are all very friendly and eager to please. Everyone seemed to be very knowledgeable of their position. The one on one treatment and atmospere is very relaxing. The day spa area is very calm and soothing.
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