SalonBlu at Bella Luca Salon & Spa

SalonBlu at Bella Luca Salon & Spa

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824 Som Center Road,
Cleveland, OH 44143
United States
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Mon: Closed Tues: 9am  -  8pm Wed: 9am  -  9pm Thu: 9am  -  9pm Fri: 9am  -  7pm Sat: 9am  -  5pm Sun: Closed
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Customer Reviews for SalonBlu at Bella Luca Salon & Spa (12)

July 26, 2014
DON"T GO THERE. My mom and I went to go get our hair done. I got an OK cut (I have had better). This is my mom's first time dying her hair at a salon. She was covering gray hair, so she kept to the same color as her natural hair color. LYNN the cranky OLD lady dyed half her head then came back to do the other half, without explaining what her plan was. She got mad when my mom asked her why isn't her hair all dye. LYNN was RUDE and COLD. Lynn charged my mom extra for extra color. After my mom's hair was colored, cut, and blow dried....we could still see the all the gray hair. We talked to LYNN about it and she was so rude she said, "You can't even see the gray hair, you are just complaining because you want your money back." LYNN was so rude, mean, incompetent, know-it-all CRANKY old lady who shouldn't even be allowed to dye hair cause she can't even see. I then asked for a manager. I told her we were not satisfied. She said we can dye it again, but we were there for TWO hours already and we had no hope that they can do a better job. I WILL not return there. I do not recommend this place.
June 27, 2014
i wont be back
it's a good place to sit and gossip like a men's barbershop, but for services, check out other salons first. but the atmosphere is good.
June 11, 2014
Worst Salon Experience I've Had
I was excited to try this new salon due to the fact that it was so close to my office. I was surprised by the overall feel of the place when I walked in (dirty, disorganized, etc.) but tried not to focus too much on it. I was on time for my appointment but still had to wait approximately 20 minutes to be seen by a stylist. I told her what I wanted and she started highlighting my hair. During the process, the girls were all gossiping and talking poorly about their coworkers which I thought was rude to be doing in front of a customer. The colorist I had does not cut hair, so I had to see another stylist for my haircut. She "didn't expect me" so she was in the midst of having her hair highlighted while cutting mine. I said I wanted a trim with some more layers. I got a 2-3 minute haircut (I have long hair) and she was not expecting to style my hair even though I was there for a color, cut, blow dry, and style. I got up with sopping wet hair and proceeded to check out. The girls were all arguing with each other and complaining about having to be at work instead of paying attention to me while I was trying to get out of there. Overall, I'm a very dissatisfied customer.
June 7, 2014
Love my Hair
I went to The Old SalonBlu and hated it.... I was driving by and saw that they moved across the street.. so i stopped in because I had a spa finder gift card from two years ago. I was pleasantly impressed. I have read a few bad reviews about the Brazilian Blowout. I gave it a second try because i really needed it and I LOVED it... My hair looks beautiful, and my stylist gave me a Free Haircut for giving them a second chance after new management took over. I highly recommend this new salon and I will definately come back.
May 30, 2013
Unhappy with my Brazilian blowout
I had the Brazilian blow out done at salon blu in December and LOVED it. Had it done again at bella luca, not happy! I was put under the dryer instead of having it blown out with a brush, felt like the product was slapped on as well. So, did not feel it was put on evenly and it shows. The next day, My hair had waves and is not as straight as it was. I asked why I sat under a dryer, she told me procedures changed, really??
April 16, 2013
Awful and careless
AWFUL!!!!!! The worst customer service experience i've ever had!!!!!! I had a brazilian blowout scheduled at salon Blue. The hairdresser was over an hour late. Some other lady (probably feeling guilty) started "preparing" my hair for over an hour because my stylist, who also turned out to be the owner, had "online business meeting". Half of job was done even before my stylist arrived. Still I was in a great mood as my friend had hers done at this salon a few weeks before me and loved it. Well, that god's gift to customers runs in all pretty, no apologies for being late, no smile, no "how are you". First thing out of her mouth "hey, im Amber (I think thats her name), Im the owner, by the way i can give you 20% off manicures and of you bring a new customer you can get 10% off a new service, and please make sure you'll buy special products as you leave...) That sweet "selling" talk kept on as she was BURNING my scull and ruining my hair! Never had anyone treating my hair so carelessly and trying to sell me everything including snow in winter. She was rushing so much that it was obvious I interrupted some of her more important plans. Right after she tried to rinse my hair with almost boiling water (never cared to check, just wanted
July 15, 2011
Groupon $99 Brazilian Blowout
They girls doing what they advertised a Brazilian Blowout were constantly commenting how they were "losing money on this deal" and made me feel really uncomfortable. I have had the brazilian blowout done once before...AT A DIFFERENT SALON and had WONDERFUL results. SalonBlu's "Brazilian Blowout" is the equivilant to the $14 Garnier blow out in a box you buy from Target!! I wasnt going to even bother leaving a responce, but I dont want anyone else to feel as if they just threw $100 out the window like I did!!
May 23, 2011
Great experience
Frankie gave me a fantastic pedicure - I will definitely go back to see her again. I also received a wonderful first time relaxation massage. Very friendly staff. Comfortable atmosphere. Easily accepted my gift certificate. I would recommend this location to all my friends & family.
June 21, 2010
A Great First
Salon Blu was a great experience for my first relaxation massage. I located the salon via spa finder and choose Salon Blu based on the poor reviews of the more well known salons listed. In short, the staff that greeted me were very friendly and the massage therapist was GREAT!!! She made me feel comfortable, she performed a very thourough massage which included some additional tips for at home. She also informed me of the other services that are available at the salon and I will definately be back for a massage and maybe more. I recommend at least the massage at this facility as she was wonderful. Good choice in massage therapist Salon Blu cant wait to come back again and maybe try out some additional services!!!
May 18, 2010
If you want a great, relaxing, personal massage come here!
I went to SalonBlu last weekend and took my girlfriend there for her 1st spa/massage experience. I've had a handful of others, but usually at resorts/cruises. The staff at SalonBlue was very friendly from the get go. Before I showed up I Emailed them an got a quick response - they DO take SpaFinder Gift Cards by the way with no hassle. It was easy to setup the appointment and they were ready right when we showed up. The pricing is very simple, and less expensive than others ive seen. The MASSAGE was Excellent! She paid special attention to whatever we asked and really seemed to enjoy her job. If you want to chat while you're there, great. If not, she'll be quieter accordingly. The place is clean and modern looking, but not as 'Ritzy' as some other places. I personally like the idea of a neighborhood spa where people know you're name... But if you prefer uppity pretension and expensive art/junk on the walls this might not be your cup of tea. If you want a great massage, from someone who sincerely cares about your comfort and well being, at a great price- check this place out right on SOM Center in Mayfield Heights.
September 28, 2009
It's fair
The salon doesn't like to take spafinder gift cards for 'packages' because they lose 20% on them (the employee told me). I already had the cards as a gift so I asked them to ring it separately and they agreed. The appt was 20-25 minutes late. They 1/2 updo wasn't smooth, they left it bumpy and imo didn't used the correct product or not enough. The express mani was fine, the makeup was very nice. Overall, probably won't return. Except for the balance on the gift card they gave back on their own salon's gift card (screwed either way) Maybe a mani again.
March 1, 2008
I love my color!
I have been going to Salon Blu for a few months and my color is 100% better than when I first went! Tiffany was able to get the yellow out of my hair and make it all a beautiful blonde! I tell all of my friends to go here because I have never liked my hair this much!
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