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Ageless Ascension Day Spa is a quaint family-owned spa that wants to provide clients with a memorable and inviting experience. Earthy ocean-inspired décor adds to the spa's comfortable atmosphere, as do the private treatment rooms. There is a couple's massage and facial room as well as rooms for spa manicures and pedicures, facials and waxing, tanning, and massage as well as a hair style area and a changing room with lockers. Offerings include massage, body wraps, facials, chemical peels, hair styling and care, tanning, permanent makeup, and waxing. All treatments come with complimentary hot towels on the hands, feet, neck, and shoulder to help clients relax. Ageless Ascension Day Spa signature offerings are their couple's packages, which feature a glass of champagne or sparkling cider, chocolate-covered strawberries, a lunch for two, massages, facials, foot treatments, and a hydrating sugar scrub or holistic herbal tea wrap.

Ageless Ascension Day Spa

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Ageless Ascension Day Spa
6006 Smoke Ranch,
Las Vegas, NV 89108
United States
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Customer Reviews for Ageless Ascension Day Spa (10)

August 30, 2014
Stay away
Stay away! Their customer service is a joke. I booked 4 months in advance and called a week ahead to confirm that my appointment was good to go. They told me I wasn't on the calendar! Then I agreed to go another day at another time but then they didn't have the masseuses available for the couple's massage! Then past all that it took 2 weeks to get a simple $99 refund. Don't waste your time or money!
April 2, 2014
Awesome Service
The best service and attitude at a spa I've seen and felt. Couples massage was extremely professional.
August 6, 2012
Great Spa
I would definately recommend this spa. I had a great massage and facial recently they have very affordable prices and do not take advantage of you like some.
February 16, 2012
Very Unhappy Customer
This was my first time here and it was a horrible experience. I went for a 50 minute massage, the lady didn't introduce herself there was no where to set my clothes and things, when I asked where I should put my stuff she moved aside some of the clutter on the corner of counter for me to set my stuff. She never once asked me what areas I would like worked on, nor during the massage did she ask how the pressure was. Her cell phone rang 6 times during my "50" minute massage. The music was turned up so loud that I couldn't relax, I imagine that was to drown out all the noises from the other people gossiping loudly outside the room. The sheets on the table were still damp (I am hoping from them not being dried in the dryer long enough) The front and most of the back of my arms weren't massaged, my neck wasn't touched at all (these both being the 2 main areas I wanted worked on, had she asked). There was no head rest for my face, I was given a pillow which was uncomfortable for my neck. The massage lasted maybe 35 minutes at best. When I went to check out the receptionist double charged me, when I stated my complaints about the service their response was oh we've heard that, someone should talk to her. I would not recommend this place!
November 16, 2011
Repeat Customer--Very Happy
I love this spa because I prefer a more family setting. All the staff and the owner personally know me and treat me wonderfully anytime I come in. I have not received every service they have, but I have been tanning there for a year, have received massages, facials, peels, manicures, pedicures and other services. I have never put a review up before, but when I saw a negative review online for Caribbean Day Spa I was surprised and realized I should be supporting the businesses I love in my area! Unfortunately, people do not usually take the time to review unless it is a negative review they are recording. I think anyone who tries Caribbean Day Spa will love it as much as I do!! Charlene
March 5, 2011
Great Prices Great Service loved the experiance
I would highly recommend getting a massage hear me and my fiance went for a couples packages and it was great. This place is like a hide away. Staff were very professional and clean they have a veriety of spa services and the owner let me tan for free cause we had to wait for the cab to pick us up. The massage therapist was out of this world very intuitive told her what areas to work on that were bothering me and they didnt bother me after the massage it was like she healed me. The facials were as good as the massage as well aw and the head massage WOW... I highly recommend and would go back!!!!
February 26, 2011
Worst SPA I've ever been to. Walked out within 5 minutes!
I would never recommend this spa to anyone. Everything about my spa experience here was TERRIBLE! First, we booked ahead for a Saturday appointment two weeks away. One week goes by, and the Spa calls telling us we missed our appointment...we had to explain to her that she had the WRONG date (she was very nasty and mean on the phone). The day of our couples massage comes (swedish massage + prenatal massage, as I am 5 1/2 months pregnant), and we walk in...and the nightmare beings. This place is NOT CLEAN, not professional, it feels more like a run-down back closet of an old beauty school and not a serene day spa! There's an 8-year old playing jump rope in the lobby, there's a half-eaten breakfast sitting at the reception table, the music (not spa music) blaring out of some bad speakers. There's a lady (we're assuming is one of the masseuses) sitting up front staring into space and the ceiling, completely out of it, as if she's high on something. We talk to a blonde receptionist lady holding a broom and confirm that one of their technicians is qualified/trained to do "prenatal massages" - and the spaced out lady (who is struggling to get our of her chair, as if she's on heavy pain killers) says while slurring "that would be me".
Response from Ageless Ascension Day Spa
I definately remember these clients. First of all these clients did not give the spa a chance they only entered the lobby area and did not go anywere else in the spa Caribbean Day Spa so this person saying its dirty no its an older building it is very clean and professional. The clients came a little early and I the owner stopped by with my daughter we own a thrift store next door as well and daughter usually isnt there she is 6 and got a new jump rope that day. I called the clients to apologize for her being in salon my daughter was scoulded for doing this in salon she wasnt even in there 5 min. The lady that she is saying that was starring in space was the massage theripist and she did look like that cause she is blind she is highly qualified 10yrs licensed in Nevada one of the best therpist there is. This couple judge this spa in 5 min. and walked out. I called them and ask why they left I explained that my daughter wasnt suppose to be in the spa and I apologized. She then ask about the lady that was blind I told her she was blind and that why she looked that way. This lady that is pregnant told me she was worried who was going to work on her cause she has lost and miss carried several times and didnt want just anyone working on her I reassured her she was highly recommended and qualified but she judge her without knowing everything and discriminated her. If she was so worried about getting a massage and who was working on her she should of came in before and interviewed especially after miss carring several time I wouldnt even recommend getting a massage or risking it. I apologized for the events that took place that normaly does not happen here at my spa I have owned and operated spas for 21 years and all of this was a big misunderstanding. Yes it did look bad having my daughter jump ropping in the lobby she is 6 yrs old very hyper and usually isnt at the spa. This Spa isnt a hotel spa it is a family owned smaller quant spa with reasonable prices. If someone want to pay higher prices and have the high end emenities they need to pay more and go to the hotel spas they are newer but I can tell you we do great services here and accomodate the clients to the fullest. This couple just didnt give it a chance and I am sorry they didnt get to have the experiance they would of loved. We are a drug free work place and no one is on any pain killers she had a disability of being visually impaired. So for all those clients that want to have a quant spa family own you will be happy here I gaurentee it. This couple was just paranoid and didnt need to be if she would of communicated and not judge so quickly she would of found that out. I am sorry again this happened I want all my clients to be happy but you just cant please every one in this world I wish that was the case. If you have any question please dont hesitate to ask the day spa is great just smaller , older building not brand new that why my prices are reasonable and quiant not dirty at all I assure you I have a cleaning person on all business hours mopping a sweeping. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I assure you a great experiance here. Thank You God Bless Owner
August 7, 2009
wonderful and I wil be back!
I went to this spa after getting a Spa Finder gift certificate from my mom out of state. I looked online at their website and was surprised at how reasonable their prices were. I booked a massage and when I called, the lady that answered the phone was so cute! After talking lengthy with her on the phone and she was able to tell me what the difference was in all of the massages since I wasn't that familiar, she booked me a swedish masasge with Carrie. I also had to go there to meet the sweet lady that I talked to on the phone that later I found out was named Connie. She really won me over after talking to her on the phone! Well I was happily greeted by Connie and she told me what a great massage therapist I was getting. I was picked up and greeted so nicely by my massage therapist and taken back to her room which was really cute with candles going and really nice soothing music. The massage was so relaxing and great and she had some sort of lavender massage lotion that smelled so great!! She also put warm towels on my feet which was a nice touch. It was one of the best massages I have ever gotten and I have had alot! She asked me if I wanted more pressure or less and it was just what I needed. Thank you Connie and Carrie for a great spa experience. I will definitely be back and maybe next time I will try the other services there! I was also told what a great hair stylist they have too, so that will be my next trip there and of course another massage! You have to check out this spa, it is small, but Connie alone is a character to talk to!
April 13, 2009
Worst spa experiance Ive ever had.
Ive been to this spa twice and the second time was even more unprofessional than the first. The personal doesn't seem to realize that the walls are very thin and I spent the first treatment (a body wrap) listening to them loudly gossip about other customers. The technician stepped out of the room for me to get undressed and put on a robe, a few seconds later, when I was standing there undressed she burst through the door without knocking. I'm not shy per say but I was taken aback this is not good spa ethics. I wasn't overly offended so I kept my second appointment a few days later for an airbrush tan. It was the worst "spa" experience Ive ever had. The technician didn't bother to put blocking cream on my hands, feet, knees,and elbows. When I asked, she claimed I wouldn't need it. Again, the staff could be clearly heard complaining through the walls. At one point the owner came in to check on why the spray gun wasn't working properly (it was shooting large splatters all over, which turned out to be because it needed to be cleaned), so I asked her about the blocking cream. She looked taken aback and said "She didn't put any on you?!" She then left the room where I heard her say to the girl "did you not use cream on her?" The girl responded "This formula doesn't really need it. Why? Is she throwing a fit?" The owner responded "Just put it on her to make her happy." There were children running and yelling up and down the hallways, even banging on the door of my treatment room during my treatment to which the technician yelled "GO AWAY". I ended up with orange hands, feet, and elbows. The rest of my body was streaky and uneven. My Fiance got airbrushed right after me and his tan was equally orange, streaky, and uneven. We left for Hawaii the next day. I wast there to hear first hand but he later told me the owner of the shop made him feel very uncomfortable with her comments while I was out of the room. Between the two trips we spent $250.00 which could have been well worth it in any traditional relaxing spa. These were not good experiences and a complete waste of money. I will never go back and would not recommend them to anyone.
Response from Ageless Ascension Day Spa
In response to this email. I deeply apologized for the inconveniance this client experianced. We take pride in what we do here and had a new employee on staff that is no longer at the spa. We make sure everyone is trained properly at the spa and have corrected this problem.
February 4, 2008
My husband and I took a trip to Vegas and I have been trying and trying to get my husband into a Spa were we live locally but he has a preconceived notion that Spas are for women ONLY. But I guess he figured what happens in vegas stays in Vegas so we went I called and spoke with th owner and explained my husbands "issues". Not only did her staff do an AMAZING job on ALL four seperate treatments we selected they treated us with great respect and comfort. My husband LOVED his massage and the overall atmosphere (I loved that he got a Pedicure) so much it may be hard to live up to at any future locations I may convience him to try.
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