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Stuart, FL 34994
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Customer Reviews for A Day of Delight Spas (45)

November 13, 2014
One of a kind!!
Most places that I have been to could provide me with the a few of the services I needed, but never have I been able to get everything and a perfect view in one place!! The staff was very attentive, and they were so in tune with my needs I decided to purchase a membership!!
October 30, 2014
I have to say that this is a one of a kind spa! The staff is very knowledgeable and approachable!! I was greeted with a smile and all of my needs were tended promptly. The view is beautiful and I found their pricing to be quite affordable. I cannot wait to come back!
September 25, 2014
First facial In my life.
I met this wonderful lady who ended up being the owner of this spa so I went for my first facial. I have never in my life felt so relaxed and pampered. I am ruined for life! I never thought of myself as a person who "needed" a facial...BUT I DO!!!! I love this place
August 11, 2014
No words!!
I loved being pampered by the staff here. Petra Lee has a heart of gold! And a smile like no other! The therapist I had the pleasure of having was excellent, she was very in touch with my needs. Everything was perfect. I really have no words to explain how beautiful the whole experience was.
August 11, 2014
So relaxing!
I work two jobs and I have very little time to myself. I visited this beautiful spa and was treated like a queen. I was greeted right away and brought a complimentary mimosa. The view and the services I received was just what I needed to unwind...I didn't want to leave! Planning to visit again with my mom for her birthday!
August 10, 2014
relieved arthritis pain
I received the most exquisite massage here. I have suffered frim arthritis in my back for a few years now and nothing seemed to alleviate tthe pain. The therapist knew exactly what pressure to use. I walked out feeling so much better. I highly recommend visiting.
August 6, 2014
Beautiful Ambiance!
My fiance and I visited A Day of Delight at the waterfront location for a couples massage and lunch . The staff was so welcoming and accommodating! Petra has a true heart of gold! Our massages were exquisite and performed with the utmost care and professionalism. The rooms were lovely. The food was amazing, fresh and delicious! I would recommend it to anyone looking to get away, unwind, and have a day of delight. :)
July 22, 2014
I came in after a crappy Monday at work and had a mani and pedi. The whole atmosphere was super relaxing, they gave me a glass of Sangria and I got to stare off at the beautiful view of the water and unwind from my day. The girl who did my nails was such a doll and I made my next appointment for 2 weeks to come unwind and treat myself again. Thanks.
June 15, 2014
I can honestly say why this place has been around for over years. I happen to be there when the owner Pietra was there. She is not only hysterical and made me laugh at a time I truly needed it, I felt extremely welcomed. I was offered complimentary mimosa before my treatments. A great way to start my day. As most places only offer water. I was really nervous getting a facial as my last one at a different spa left my skin irritated and broken out for over a week. However, I was reassured by Pietra that she only hires the best of the best followed by a money back guaranteed if I wasn't completely satisfied. Let me tell you it was the BEST FACIAL that I ever received. I ended up purchasing my boyfriend a facial since he has been breaking-out lately. I can't wait to go back.
June 15, 2014
Delightfully True
A Day of Delight lives up to its name. From the moment of booking my reservations to the time I left this little hidden treasure I must say I wasn't sure after reading the other reviews but tried it anyway, and I am glad I did so I could form my own opinion. Everyone there went above and beyond to make me feel at home and special. I especially like the fact that I didn't have to change rooms bewtween my facial and massage. I just sat back and relaxed for two hours! I ended my experience with a cup of hot tea and dessert...
June 15, 2014
My schedule mania
So glad this place is open seven days a week! My schedule is nuts. I had to change my appointment three times before I can finally get in. Eventhough they charge a $25 resheduling fee for last minute cancelation once I got there I wanted to move in! The staff and the vibe were truly genuine and made me feel real special and not like the pita I was rescheduling. PS The spas chef served me on the patio. What an awesome guy! Highly recommended!!!
June 15, 2014
Feeling great and super relaxed!
Feeling great and super relaxed! The people that opened this business truly care about providing a reliable service to the community. It feels rare that people care so much about their business these days. However, the staff at Delight really have good hearts! I like these folks!!
Shawn D
June 15, 2014
Truly a gem in paradise.
I am really hoping this local business thrives, it is fantastic. Every time I have been there, I have received the friendliest service and the massages are GREAT! I have had a different massage therapist each time, and they have all been consistently strong and dedicated to working out the kinks! It is extremely affordable, and there is a small parking lot. A Chef at location and a greeting with the best fresh sangria I ever had!!  
June 9, 2014
I celebrated my Birthday at A Day of Delight Spa and I am pregnant (I got a 2 for 1) So many specials and caring peeps not to forget the_Million Dollar View WITH MY BIRTHDAY PREGNANCY MASSAGE!! IT WAS FABULOUS _ I am now RECOMMENDING this SPA to EVERYONE!!! AND EVERYWHERE!!!! ORGANIC LUNCH TOO!!! WOW _I feel so RELAXED and FLOATING ON AIR. So UPLIFTING. And I am having a baby!!! Each review I write I get entered for their next_MONTHLY SPA DRAWING!!! I WANT TO WIN_See you on Google or Yelp or at the SPA Next. Renata
June 3, 2014
Awesome experience!
I decided to treat myself to a Day of Delight for "no reason" and spend half of my Monday at this charming old house ( yes , it is old) but in not way dirty.. People need to understand they are visiting a 100 years old cottage, and that's part of the enchantment, the water views and the porch are so inviting! I had a very relaxing massage and a wonderful facial, I learned many things about my skin and most importantly, I could tell right away that the wonderful treatment really worked as my face showed improvements.. Luncheon was delightful served by the Chef in premise who explained me all ingredients and talked about the fresh herbs they grow on their gardens.. I felt like everyone was very amicable and professional, doing everything possible to please me and make my day unforgettable.. I decided to buy a series of treatments at a discounted priced customized for my needs and I can't wait to come back next month! Sara
June 2, 2014
Best gift ever
My Girlfriend thought this was the best gift I ever gave her. We got a couple scub, lunch and hot wax on our hands. This place was quiet and sweet. We were there for half the day. We did not feel rushed. We felt very welcomed. and we felt like we were on our own time. It really was the best date I ever planned. Thanks for Goupon for the spa idea.
May 27, 2014
Vintage Spa
A beautiful spa located on a beautiful waterway. I feel like I was swept away. An incredible feeling and tingle.
May 1, 2014
Awesome Spa and Tea party planned
I just walked in and had a cup of tea and they took me in right away. What an awesome experience. Love the vintage style house. Reminded me of grandmas. I had ginger snap cookies with my tea. I'll be back next month and I bought my whole staff gift certificates for a spa & tea party. They love loose teas. Can't wait to surprise them at our next destination meeting.
March 22, 2014
Never Again!!
I had a gift certificate that I wanted to use. I tried to call several times, different days and NOBODY would answer the phone. I finally got in touch with a human and scheduled an appointment. I told them I didnt' want a male masseuse, so they scheduled me with a female. The day of my appointment they called to ask if I could come in earlier. I told them no b/c I work and I don't want to be rushed to make it by a certain time and that's why I scheduled it as late as I did. They said ok, we just wanted to know b/c the massage therapist had an hour in b/w the appointment before you and when you're appointment is. No biggie. Well, they called me back a few hours late and asked if I minded if I had a male. I said, yes I do mind. That is why I changed the appointment to today specifically b/c I didn't want a male. I just felt like they were trying to accomodate what worked best for them instead of me, the customer. I got there and they asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I said no I was fine. They asked me to have a seat. The masseuse came over and asked if I wanted a room downstairs, but it would probably be warm, or if I wanted a room upstairs that was cooler. Um, duh! What do you think? This is South Florida!!! Hello! I want a cooler room. So, I follow the woman upstairs (oh, I don't know her name b/c she NEVER introduced herself!!). We walk into what I'm pretty sure was hell b/c it was so stuffy and hot!!!! So, needless to say we walked back downstairs and I follow her to the porch where she informs me that door is locked. So, she then asks me to have a seat in the waiting area while another room becomes available. So unprofessional, and so much for me relaxing! This was anything BUT! While I'm waiting, I ask the guy at the front desk if I should be filling some sort of papers out. He was like, "Oh, yeah. Here. Fill these out." So, I fill it out and there's a place on there where it asks if there's anyplace you don't want touched and I wrote a specific part that I'd had surgery on and I DO NOT want it touched (I'll get to that later). So, finally a room opens and we go in. Well, there are 2 other doors in this room, one of which is open half way and there's another massage room. Not very private at all!!!! She tells me she will go out and for me to undress and lay face down on the table. So, I put my purse and clothes on a chair in the corner and close the other door that was partially opened. She comes in and opens that door and says not to worry, nobody will be using that room. Yeah, still weird. How am I supposed to relax!?!? She starts with my feet!!!!!! Um, I don't know about you, but any massage I've ever had, they start at the top! Anyway, so she massages my feet and that is the one area I specifically said NOT TO TOUCH!!!! Guess she didn't bother reading my paper. Not surprised. I asked for a relaxing, light touch massage. Guess she didn't read that part either b/c she kept trying to work out knots in my shoulders. It hurt. And she seemed to be frustrated b/c she couldn't work them out. If the therapist is huffing and sighing, how do you think I feel? NOT relaxed! Sorry you're having to do your job!!! Geesh!!! Ok, so massage is finally over. Definitely not relaxed! I go to get dressed and see that she had thrown her over coat and a blanket on my stuff in the chair. Rude!! Really? You're going to throw your crap on my stuff? So very unprofessional!!!!! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! I did tip her, but I shouldn't have! Will NOT be going back and I will also be letting everyone I know to never waste your time or money at this disgusting place. I say that b/c it really wasn't all that clean either. Good luck!
February 24, 2014
Lost Potential
Seem like the place could be awesome with the water front location but everything is worn down and dirty. If they would update a little bit and clear out the clutter the atmosphere would be more spa and relaxing. The booking process is tedious and you need to book a month in advance, They have random hours that make it difficult to get an appointment. Cheap massage table that rocked and face cushion was not in place so I had to keep adjusting so my face wasn't pressed against the board. They have a hot tub but it is broken and under a dilapidated gazebo.
January 31, 2014
Not customer focused
My husband and I originally came to this spa because I bought a groupon for a couples massage . Scheduling was a pain, as I left numerous messages and it took almost a month of calling to get a call back. Upon arrival, I felt a plethora of emotions. Yes, they are located on the water, but as you walk in, it almost feels like a garage sale. There are knock knacks EVERYWHERE. My husband and I are both clean, neat and organized people, so it was difficult to fight the urge to get up and start dusting. It took. Long time for us to be Abel to sign in due to a complete lack of organization on the spa and it's employees behalf. After signing in we has to sit and wait in old uncomfortable Non-matching chairs while staring at the dirt and dust all over the place. I have been to many spas, they usually have a clean and relaxing atmosphere. NOT HERE. Our massage therapists were kind and did a decent job. However, the hassles tHat began with simply trying to schedule and growing with the dirt and disorganization of the facility make it a 0 star location. To add insult to injury, I recently received a gift. Certificate from a friend to the location. I have called over one dozen times to try to schedule and STILL have not received a call back. I do not know how they stay in business but, AGaIN, I cannot stress enough to you all the reasons NoT to go here. There are too many quality spas located throughout the treasure coast and palm beaches to waste time and money here.
September 12, 2013
Complete waste of time and money. Horrible service. Save yourself and pick somewhere else!
September 3, 2013
I love this place!!!!!
I have been going to this place for over a year and the service is always outstanding everytime, I usally start out with a massage, by one of the fabulous massage therapist, and then a facial, with the Esthetician. I went a few weeks ago to get their massage, and facial, Let me just say...this was an absolutely spectacular experience and I will definitely be back, again, and again. Day of Delight doesnt just have a facility that relaxes you...it has calm and tranquil ambience that actually immerses you in indulgence and luxury. Soft music...soothing sights and sounds that actually lift your spirits and calm them at the same time. It' like being transported to another world and then having your cares gently caressed away. I honestly could feel my stress and anxiety tangibly disappear with each moment I spent there. If you havent tried Day Of Delight , you owe it to yourself to go...No where else can you find this level of sophisticated, relaxing indulgence at any day spa in, Stuart Florida. You will thank yourself for going, they also serve a small breakafast, and lunch with a panoramic view of the River. this is a place I love to go just for the Ambience, but most of all the friendly, and caring staff.
July 18, 2013
Enjoying my membership
I am enjoying my membership at A Day of Delight (I have been a member since March). The staff have all been helpful and polite and always friendly. Chantel and Iris are my favorite massage specialists and you can tell both enjoy their profression. I find my two massages each month help keep me balanced and relieve the built up stresses life. AND the atmosphere is beautiful, quaint, and appealing. I love to sit outside and enjoy the serenity of the river while listening to the squirrels run about in the large trees.
June 27, 2013
The Day of Delight Spa was truly delightful! Upon entering this charming spa I felt immediately at ease. The staff was warm, friendly and very attentive. I would recommend to all!
June 5, 2013
I bought two packages for mothers day for my mother and I to use together. When we left, my Mom's nails still had old nail polish all along the cuticles and her nails were left sharp and jagged. The staff was rude. We were not offered two services included in our package and when I brought it to their attention (they obviously forgot and were not organized) they asked if we wanted to come back later... ?? I was promised that they would make it right and to expect a call from the owner very shortly. Well, three weeks later that call still has yet to come. VERY POOR customer service!
Response from A Day of Delight Spas
A Day of Delight Spas would like to take the time to respond to this review, first by saying that our Guests are our number one priority. We strive to give our guests optimal services by a team of professionals. Please email our guest service dept. at adayofdelight.com so we may make this situation right, and to show you what A Day of Delight is really about.
May 13, 2013
Great expectations not fullfilled
We went as a bridal group the day before the wedding. We were quoted a price on the phone that was different than the price we were charged. There was five of us getting manicures so the wait was long. They asked me if I wanted a facial while I was waiting so I agreed. The price quoted was $50.00 but when I was done I found out she used products in my facial that now made it $100.00. I agree, this could have been a relaxing experience but turned out to be stressful. I gave them another chance and went with a friend for a manicure because the location is so beautiful but was not impressed with the service or the manicure.
Response from A Day of Delight Spas
A Day of Delight Spa would like to take time to respond to this review first by saying that our goal is to always offer our guests the optimal professional services, in a relaxed atmosphere at fair prices. The needs of our guests is of the upmost importance to us always. Please contact at adayofdelight.com to give us an opportunity to show you what A Day of Delight Spa is really about.
May 12, 2013
The owner is out of her mind!!
Have not even been here yet. Just went to buy a gift certificate and that gave me hypertension! I went in to buy a $99 head to toe glow (mon - thurs special) for my wife from our 5 week old son for mothers day. After dealing with lady at the desk she got the owner to tell me how long the service is. The owner tried selling me a 4hr package. I said just give me the head 2 toe. She rings my visa for the $155 weekend and evening service. I said I just want the $99 one like I told the first lady, which was standing by her. The owner said I ordered that one and there was nothing she could do. I wanted a refund and she said no, well I can but there is a $25 fee. I told her my wife can come anytime during the week for the $99 one. The crazy owner told me to text my wife and set up an appointment. I said listen, this is a mothers day present from my newborn son! She has to find a sitter and then she can make the appt. Then when she found out my son was 5 weeks old she told the first lady to waive the $25 fee and credit me back to the $99 one. Even customers leaving waited outside for me, to tell me they couldn't believe what they were doing! I wish I could tell you more, you get the point. It was absolutely CRAZY!! Owner is very weird!!
Response from A Day of Delight Spas
A Day of Delight Spas would like to take the time to respond to this review by first saying we always aim to give our guests optimal services at fair prices, while putting the focus on our guests needs. Our policy, as posted in the spa, regarding the price for the Mother's Day "Head to Toe Glow" was clearly marked for $129, if purchasing a gift certificate, or booking this special for a weekend or evening appointment.. Gratuity is then added as a courtesy for the recipient of your gift.
April 30, 2013
A day of DISASTER!!
This place doesn't even deserve 1 star!! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! So stressful I feel like I need a real spa day just to get over this and relax after this disaster of an establishment. Horrible service from the beginning just trying to get a hold of someone to make an appointment. When I finally got an appointment I showed up to the St. Lucie West location and was greeted with a locked door. Come to find out this location was "under renovation" and all calls and appointments were being transferred to the Stuart location..THANKS FOR THE UPDATE!! Horrible and rude staff. Waited 45 minutes until they actually began my services and while I was waiting I overheard a conversation of another client complaining about poor service and wanted a refund on her gift certificate- not surprising that I wasn't the only one! Absolutely unaccommodating to the situation and gave me the complete opposite of what my gift certificate was for. Body scrub instead of a massage, which was rushed by the "therapist" Tracy, and was interrupted by other staff coming into my room during the service. SO UNPROFESSIONAL!! Unless the building is burning, it can wait. My facial- what a joke! I went home and was extracting things from the area of my face that Tracy supposedly worked on. When I got the gift certificate it came with this cheesy brown paper "gift bag" that had cutouts from magazines glued on it and miscellaneous travel size lotion, toothpaste, fiber, gum ect. in it (obviously freebies they received and tried to make something out of but failed miserably)... When I got my pedicure, the tech left me to go get lotion and came back with the same travel size gold bond lotion that was in the gift bag..ummm how cheap are you??? You'd think for the price they charge they'd have a nicer assortment of products to use on customers. Then they tried to comp this horrible experience by offering me $29 towards any 1 hour treatment on my next visit..I would never give them another dime aka I WILL NEVER BE VISITING AGAIN! A day of delight was more like a day of disasters!!!!! This place always offers groupons clearly because they can't retain any customers! The best part of it all was while I was waiting outside of the locked and abandoned St. Lucie location a woman who worked at a hotel came up wanting to do a spa package with this salon. After talking to me she was like NOPE! and did not want to be involved with this "spa". I have never posted a review about any place (because I've never experienced anything so ridiculously bad) but if this will deter at least one person from going here then its worth it!
April 22, 2013
Dont Waste your money
I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure and what a waste of money! The girl that did my service complained the entire time because I didnt "upgrade" my service. She left my cuticals a mess because she "didnt have time to work on them" and also didnt have time to fix two smudged nails that got ruined because she wouldnt move my purse from station to station. She rushed through my pedicure and left nail polish on my toes and didnt file or cut my toe nails. I could have (and have) done a better job myself. I live in town and will NEVER go back here, its too bad because they have a nice view. I was'nt even offered a drink at this so-called SPA, which could have been an "upgrade" because I would have had something to relax a little more. I have had way better service from places that don't even speak english!
December 28, 2012
Worst mani/pedi EVER!!!!! My 5 year old daughter could have done a better job! The staff was so warm and inviting and I was so excited when I got there. The minute she started my mani I knew it was gonna be bad. Then the pedi was nothing more than a polish change. They put soap from the dollar tree in the water...no scrub...no massage. It was horrible. The owner was supposed to call me back. After calling numerous times and being lied to, told I was unimportant and even hung up on by a girl at the front desk, Christina, the manager, who was very nice called me back. She offered another service free of charge but I would never go back there. I don't know how they keep people coming back for mani/pedis.
October 21, 2012
Had a wonderful massage by Lynn with a hydrating foot treatment. The entire staff is warm and welcoming. Looking forward to going to the Stuart location for A Girls Night Out. A hidden Gem in St. Lucie West!!
Lynn W
October 19, 2012
St. Lucie West is Wonderful
Terri gave me the best facial ever. She uses great products and she has all of the tools to make me feel very relaxed and special. I would recommend her to everyone.
October 3, 2012
How is this place still open?
It has a beautiful location. The products they use are cheap, not quality at all. My g/f's and I decided on facials and massages. They are all about the bottom line, they totally tried to up sell and push you on every item. The owner is a strange bird and made me feel uncomfortable. I got the impression her staff disliked her also. It's a waste of money, won't go back and I advise you take your money elsewhere too.
August 28, 2012
Beautiful location but watch your Chi!
Day of Delight is located in such a beautiful spot with lovely decor and a relaxing water view. Unfortunately, the staff seems unhappy to be working at all and pressured into upselling rather than simply servicing the clients. Petra, the owner, has been extremely harried each of the three times I've been there. There is a negative energy around this place and you leave feeling drained, not recharged.
Response from A Day of Delight Spas
A Day of Delight spas would like to take the time to respond to this review by first saying we always aim to give our guests optimal services at fair prices while putting the focus on guest needs. By upgrading a service we are simply maximizing results for the guest benefit. No pressure is ever meant to be put on the guest by any means. We would love for you to contact us via email so we can have the chance to make this right. Guestservices@adayofdelight.com
June 22, 2012
Disappointed-Again.This was my 2nd (& last) visit here at the Stuart location.
Called to schedule appts for myself & my Mom, left on hold, called back, left a msg. Bridget call back, she couldn't even answer my questions about some website services for appt timing. Said we could discuss that w/the techs, booked us an hour. Was told to arrive 15 min. early (we did) fill out forms, talk to techs. Sat there till after appt time, given forms to fill out later as we went to our "room". These forms tell techs specifics they should know BEFORE the service, not after. I also say "room" because they booked us in the same room w/out even asking! Not ideal! Finally got to talk to the techs, then interupted by the owner Petra. She came in to tell them how much $ we had on our GC so they could upsell us on memberships & services! Tacky. We told both techs just what we wanted. The facialist pitched a collagen mask "for only 1/2 price $25", NO, just the eyes-she did it anyway! My massage tech was sweet but inexperienced, digging her thumbs into my back, not relaxing. Checking out we're NOW asked to fill out the forms for their records-not our health. Charged for the mask we didn't want, scolded for wanting to use the rest of the GC for tips when techs said we could! Overall, not a good experience-all about the upsells.
Response from A Day of Delight Spas
A Day of Delight Spas would like to take the time to respond to your review by sincerely apologizing for your bad experience. It is unfortunate that during times of staff transitions there tends to be confusion amongst us. We have many frequent guests that are very happy with their visits and we would love for you to be one of them. Please give us the opportunity to make things right by emailing us at guestservices@adayofdelight.com.
April 23, 2012
Beautiful location on the water....doesn't make up for horrible service!
I have used both locations and the service has steadily been on the decline. It's true, the facial ends up being a huge up-sell and you leave feeling taken. My last spa experience I had was a girl's afternoon with my aunt who was visiting from out of town. We scheduled 1 hour swedish massages at the Stuart location. When we arrived, we were taken to a room together like a couples massage?!?! Seriously....Day of Delight....not so much. Right now I have a gift certificate to use up from them....and I can't even get an appt for myself and a friend to have an afternoon out. They claim they don't have the staff to do both massages---at either location? sounds like they are on their way out....too bad this GC isn't a spafinder GC so I could use it somewhere else! I love the spafinder cards! :)
Response from A Day of Delight Spas
A Day of Delight spas would like to take the time to respond to this review by first saying we always aim to give our guests optimal services at fair prices while putting the focus on guest needs. By upgrading a service we are simply maximizing results for the guest benefit. No pressure is ever meant to be put on the guest by any means. We would love for you to contact us via email so we can have the chance to make this right. Guestservices@adayofdelight.com
September 29, 2011
A total scam
Unfortunately, I am currently a "member" and trying to get refunded for the sessions I have not used. I have experienced facials that are the exact opposite of relaxing because all the technicians try to do is sell you upgraded masks from $20 to $58 dollars. I've had facials where the technician constantly walks in and out of the room. I have had appointment times "lost," back facial and massage which started 10 minutes late and ended 20 minutes early. Also, there are constant advertisements that state "pay at member rates" when it is actually LESS than what members pay. I have met the owner and she is completely unprofessional and unwilling to provide me with a refund of my unused services. She treats her staff poorly as well. I HATE going to this spa; however, I'm forced to go because I don't want to lose the money already invested. Please do not ever use this facility, it is the worst experience I have ever been through. Also, the parking lot is unpaved and does not allow more than 5 spaces to park (6 if you want to be blocked in by another vehicle). You cannot park in the parking lot next door or your car will be towed.
Response from A Day of Delight Spas
A Day of Delight would like to take the time to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Our wellness membership was created to offer our guests, who frequently visit the spa, affordable rates. During the time of the membership any sessions you are not able to use can be transferred to a guest of your choice. This gives the opportunity to never miss out on any due services for that month. We are a waterfront facility with limited parking space due to our exclusive location. We invite you to contact us at guestservices@adayofdelight.com
April 1, 2011
This is a Terrible Spa...
From personal experience, this spa is dreadful. There are 2 locations: Stuart and St. Lucie West. The Stuart location is very beautiful, I think that's what draws people in. The products they advertise are top of the line products (PCA Skin) but they do NOT use PCA Skin on clients! Instead they buy products from Walgreens and that is what they put on your skin. Be prepared for cheap products especially if you are using a promotional coupon or if you are given a "deal". The owner also loves to pressure you to buy stuff even if its expired! I was going to buy a product and it expired in 2007! And it was 2010! Never will I go there again. It has so much potential but it is led under such poor management.
Response from A Day of Delight Spas
A Day of Delight spas would like to take the time to respond to this review by first saying we always aim to give our guests optimal services at fair prices while putting the focus on guest needs. By upgrading a service we are simply maximizing results for the guest benefit. No pressure is ever meant to be put on the guest by any means. We would love for you to contact us via email so we can have the chance to make this right. Guestservices@adayofdelight.com
November 22, 2010
Nice Location
This spa is located right on the waterfront and offers a nice view. I have had two massages here and have left unimpressed both times. I asked for deep tissue and felt like I got a back rub rather than a massage.
October 18, 2010
Stay away! Money pit
The products they use are cheap and nowhere near the quality they claim to be. The owner is a bit off. The entire experience is way over priced and not relaxing in the least. Every thing is a push to sell you more of their dollar store products. BE VERY CAREFUL! This place is a fraud.
Response from A Day of Delight Spas
A Day of Delight spas would like to take the time to respond to this reveiw by first saying we always aim to give our guests optimal services at fair prices while putting the focus on guest needs. By upgrading a service we are simply maximizing results for the guest benefit. No pressure is ever meant to be put on the guest by any means. We would love for you to contact us via email so we can have the chance to make this right. Guestservices@adayofdelight.com
September 6, 2010
Breathtaking, unique, unforgetable!
I was especially interested in this spa because of its location, not in a strip mall like so many, truly a unique experience. An old southern Waterfront Plantation, the Sanctuary fits the beauty of its surroundings. You sense the old world charm with treatments that reflect the nature of the surrounding area. They incorporate botanical extracts, nourishing seaweed, mineral-rich mud, and natural enzymes just to mention a few. Strict attention to detail is evident in the treatment rooms, each are decorated with a unique theme of soothing colors, hardwood floors, what can I say, pure charm and tranquility. The outdoor areas and a Waterfront Whirlpool and Gazebo are simply breathtaking. This was one of my favorite relaxation areas before and after treatment. In addition, the spa has a full-service hair salon and a complete menu of services, including many signature packages at a very reasonable prices. Many of the treatments that attracted me were those that use botanicals and herbs to draw out toxins, as well as the nature-based enzyme moisturizers that nourish and hydrate the skin. I returned the next day to experience the Foot Reflexology as I have found it difficult to find a good therapist who practices that specialty Tom was exceptional. I went to a strip mall nail spa shortly before finding A Day of Delight and for the ridiculous price I wasn’t even offered a glass of water let alone champagne!! This is a must visit, need I say more.
August 7, 2010
Refreshing and quaint
Lovely ambiance, on the water and very peaceful. Massage therapists there were very knowledgeable, offering extra tips to relieve reoccurring pain. When I have the money I will definitely be going back! The individual attention before and after being serviced is also excellent.
April 19, 2010
My friends and I went to A Day of Delight spa over the weekend and we were HORRIFIED with the final results. The nail technicians lack any knowledge of a what a proper manicure and pedicure entail. (They failed to properly clean the nails, exfoliate, hydrate and apply nail polish correctly.) They didn't even use a toe separator when applying nail polish, so you can imagine where some of the color went. Yep, on my skin. It was a mess. And definitely not worth the $100 they charged. Save your money and find another spa that employs knowledgeable and experienced staff members. Their prices are equivalent to the Ritz Carlton but their services equate to a sub-par salon.
Response from A Day of Delight Spas
A Day of Delight Spas would like to take the time to sincerely apologize for you bad experience. We would like the opportunity to make thing right. Please contact us at guestservices@adayofdelight.com
June 30, 2009
Pure Bliss
Serene settings, wonderful and knowledgeable staff.
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