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350 South Lake Avenue, Suite #220
Pasadena, CA 91101
United States
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Customer Reviews for AcuSpa (10)

March 8, 2012
Good for acupuncture and massages
I have never tried facials there so I don't know what they are like. Their massages and acupuncture are very relaxing and helpful. I saw improvement right away, but it could just be the atmosphere and the fact that I took time for myself in a tranquil place that relaxed me. However, I definitely noticed that my sinuses were better--I have bad allergies and sinus congestion, and acupuncture combined with herbal lotions helped a lot. My boyfriend and I both got groupons about a year ago and they had been charging us the groupon rate, so it was definitely worthwhile. I wouldn't pay the regular rate though for massages and can find the same quality service elsewhere with much more luxurious accommodations. The spa is just way too cramped and small. Of course you have to get acupuncture regularly to see real results, but I saw enough improvement to want to go again...too bad it's so pricey for massages. Otherwise I would go there all the time.
September 6, 2011
excellent massage!
Scheduled a deep tissues massage with a little hesitation given some of the reviews. I was pleasantly surprised that the entire experience was great. I was greeted warmly when I walked in the door and was seated in a comfortable, serene waiting area (soft lighting, soothing music). The massage was OUTSTANDING! The masseuse (Kevin) asked for any trouble spots and gave the most customized and therapeutic deep tissue massage I've ever had. He used a combination of pressure points with intuitive massage strokes that was extremely effective. The overall effect was very relaxing and also relieved trouble spots I've been dealing with for several weeks. Although the facility is small and it's likely there were other clients, I didn't hear or see anyone else. I will definitely be back.
May 28, 2010
too pricey
I had a facial and I didn't get much out of the extraction. She went through a few spots in a minute? She was really friendly but I felt the whole process was rushed. It was definitely not your usual facial but for that price, I needed more work done on my face.
January 19, 2010
Response from AcuSpa
Thank you for your kind words, and we appreciate you for spreading positive feedback on Spa Finder. Miriam always says that skincare is her passion and her clients are always impressed with how thorough she is. Our Spa Manager, Ashley, works hard to make your check-in and check-out experience efficient and comfortable. We are working very hard to improve our reviews here on Spa Finder!
January 18, 2010
I'd try it again
A friend made an appointment for me as a gift and I didn't put two and two together that it was this spa until after the fact. There's a lot of really negative reviews on here, so had I looked at this before I probably wouldn't have come. But I was happy with my massage. I had a swedish with Johanna and she was very nice and the staff was polite. It is a small place but very quiet and neat.
May 10, 2009
Just plain BAD!
The spa was very, very narrow.. I was bumping into people as I walked through the spa. Prices were wayyy too high considering the size of the spa. The massage was not memorable, and definitely not worth what I paid. The therapist seemed rushed and non-attentive. Overall my experience was disappointing... don't waste your time or $$$
Response from AcuSpa
This response addresses many of the concerns listed on our page--we hope they create a new, positive interest in our spa. We are a boutique spa that believes our energy is best focused on client/service provider time. There are many larger spas throughout Southern California that are inviting because of decor, but lack in provision of service. While we do understand we cannot correct every poor experience, we do stand by quality service. Therefore, since the last Spa Finder review, we've brought in positive staff who are able to exude a calm and relaxing experience. We also provide guests who have more than one service scheduled with ribbed Turkish robes--this is a great improvement from the "rough and old and ripped" ones previously mentioned. We take extra steps towards addressing the individual experience of our guests as well. We encourage feedback. Thank you all for your opinions.
April 27, 2009
Bad experience
Since it was our anniversary, I decided to schedule a couple massage close to where we live. When we got there we thought the place was small and our massage's were awful. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. It was not worth the price and the time.
January 24, 2009
There were a couple things that I found attractive about this place (location, philosophy, ... well that's about where it ends.) When I arrived, I was really shocked by the size of the spa... probably the smallest of all spas I've been to. Nonetheless I was still optimistic of the services I had scheduled. I was taken to a room to change into a robe, and shower if I pleased to. But before I jumped into the shower I noticed a ring of mold throughout the floor and walls of the shower. I had to opt out of showering, which was a little bothersome since I was coming from work that evening. Even then I was still trying to think positive, since I was in such dyer need of some R&R.. I waited for my therapist for almost a half hour and was offered a free parrafin wax treatment while I waited, I also noticed the wax pot was filled with dirt that had fallen to the bottom of the tub. Again, I tried to look past it and not let it bother me too much. But I do look at cleanliness and sanitation when judging the overall quality of a spa. Finally I was escorted to a room by my massage therapist. She seemed to be distracted and almost annoyed to be there. I thought maybe she was just upset because she was running a little behind scheduile, so I tried to assure her it was no problem for me.. Her massage was not up to par (Especially considering their high prices) The pressure was totally wrong and uneven. I even tried to guide her and explain which areas needed deeper pressure. Her hands were ice cold and she just didn't seem competent (as if she was a student new to the trade) not to mention I was cut short about 10 mins of my service time. I wanted to say something right then, except that she was the one to charge me for the service. So instead I felt the need to write a thorough review. I expected top notch service and instead walked away feeling cheated!
December 15, 2008
Horrible Experience!!
I'm a huge spa goer and try out new spots all the time and usually I don't take the time to write out a review.. but this time I really had no choice. First off, the prices were very high but I'm always willing to pay for quality.. and that's exactly why I'm writing. The facial I had was not even close to mediocre.. it was flat out bad! It reminded me of the facials I used to get when I was in college and couldn't afford any better.. the kind that almost make you want to get off the bed and walk out because you're afraid of the damage being done.. to top it off I think she even cut about 10 mins from the service!
October 28, 2008
Cheap spa
I have been going to spa for 10 years and by far this is the WORST spa experience I've ever had. First f all it was extremly unhygenic they use tissue to cover the headrest instead of a new blanket. The music kept on skipping. What they called the rest area had the worst chairs EVER and the robes and towels can I say they were rough n old and ripped. I think it was the owner Kevin i think his name was he was the worse he was hovering all over the front desk and he kept on pacing the rest area it was the creppiest thing and his wife was so fake (i don't remeber her name). the only good thing about it was the facial girk ALEX she was the best but even then. I would ever suggest you go to this spa. I cannot believe they have them in the best deals. By far the worst experience ever.
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