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Medical Spa Month: The Low Down on Tickle Lipo

What is Tickle Lipo? Well it doesn’t have anything to do with being tickled; this vibrational liposuction process, also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction or N.I.L., employs an air pressure method that removes fat safely, efficiently and with less trauma to the body than other liposuction options.


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Spa Scene and Heard: Celeb Sightings at Top Spas!

You know those “Stars, They’re Just Like Us” sections in the weekly tabloids we know you’re flipping through in the checkout line at the market? Yes, they walk their dogs, they get parking tickets, they leave the gym without makeup on. And they also visit some of our favorite spas! Yep, stars, they’re just like us ─ they love a little pampering!