Editor in Chief (Wellness & Spa Industry)

Spafinder Wellness 365, the world's largest spa and wellness marketing/reward/incentive company, is looking for its future editor in chief and VOICE for our upcoming, redesigned website and new consumer and partner communications.  You are familiar with– and connected in– the wellness industry; you are an experienced editor or journalist and have a strong background as an on air spokesperson; you work for a publisher or news organization in the wellness sector–or a closely affiliated sector;  you are the number one or number two person at your present job and are looking to move up in the industry; you are willing to relocate to join us at our new offices in Miami, Florida. You are KEEN to make your mark in spa and wellness and want to work for the very top company in the industry.  IS THIS YOU?

If this is you,  reply directly to CEO, Pete Ellis, as this is a key position.  You will report directly to Aimee Schmalzie, VP of Marketing, but want to waste no time is assessing your potential as a candidate for this position,