Dr. Andrew Weil and Spas: SpaFinder Visionary Award Winner

3 thoughts on “Dr. Andrew Weil and Spas: SpaFinder Visionary Award Winner

  1. Alison Howland

    What a wonderful acknowledgment for Dr. Weil. I have always enjoyed his work (presentations, books, etc.)

    And, a little acknowledgment for not just his work with spas but the products he has put into the beauty industry (his work for Estee Lauder/Origins)

    Thanks for the link to Larry King—I enjoyed Dr. Weil's piece and sent it on to my holistic doctor.

    And Susie, you look MAAAHHHVELOUS!

  2. massage therapy

    You're too modest Susie!

    I thoroughly enjoy envisioning the hospital-as-spa future that may be in store for us. It seems like hospitals need to do their best to become places of comfort as much as they are places of healing as well.


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