“Addicted to Beauty” TV Show – Not Such a Pretty Picture of a Medi Spa

4 thoughts on ““Addicted to Beauty” TV Show – Not Such a Pretty Picture of a Medi Spa

  1. Melissa Mellott, L.E., M.Ed.

    I'm a teacher at the Santa Barbara Cosmetology Academy, teaching aspiring estheticians. Beauty school is a reality show just waiting to happen; there is major drama with the girls/women (and occasional straight and gay man in a class). With the structure of beauty schools, even teachers are in the drama and it is crazy/funny … unprofessional and unethical at times. I've heard that a reality show approached a S.F. cosmetology academy, but I'm sure … eventually Beauty school will be a reality show; I live it everyday and it's funny and frustrating all at the same time. Stay tuned…

  2. Tim Adams

    @Melissa. I think I already saw a cosmetology reality show somewhere, or not. With so many reality shows that have popped out, nothing stands out anymore.

    Anyway, while the show is entertaining, I know some in the medispa industry that say that the show will just give a bad rep to the industry. Yes it can, but you can use this to your advantage by showing your clients that you are better than the clinic-spa in tv.

  3. Anonymous

    Diane and Shannyn would scare me away from Dr Lee's clinic with their looks. Diane looks fake (too many face jobs, and Shannyn's lips look like she was hit in the mouth with a board. Also, I have never seen a more poorly managed and supervised shop in my life. On the other hand, Dr Lee's work on the show has turned out very nice.

  4. Susie Ellis

    I totally agree with you that those girls would scare me away too and that Dr. Lee's work seems to turn out well. But then I got to thinking that it would make sense for them to only show the people that turned out well. And for that matter they show the more outrageous management antics that no other plastic surgery or spa business would stand for.
    So in the end I realize this is entertainment and probably not as much reality as one would think.
    However I must say…I continue to watch.


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