Bonus Trend #11: SpaFinder Spa Trend 2010: Celebrating Celebration – Revisited

One thought on “Bonus Trend #11: SpaFinder Spa Trend 2010: Celebrating Celebration – Revisited

  1. melinda marino

    Hi Susie, How are you? We met at a med. tourism conference in LA…….I think this is just Great! I am searching and brainstorming for new marketing ideas and this has just spawned an onslaught of ideas for mine and my moms business….we need to be creative these DAYS in business. We operate a villa spa retreat for recuperating cosmetic surgery patients in san miguel de allende, Mexico. San Miguel is a huge destination wedding location and the celebrating celebrations theme is a wonderful concept for these occasions. I also really love the idea of the “Just Because” celebration. I think the idea of reunions whether with family or friends or business colleagues is inspiring in all aspects of nurturing good relationships. What could be better than a vacation to one of the top 5 world renowned locations with UNESCO world heritage sites….then add private cloistered luxury spa villa retreat for the guests hmmmm……Thank you for your inspiration.


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