Spa Trends 2012 Revisited – Cold and Ice Are Hot: B+ Grade for this Prediction

3 thoughts on “Spa Trends 2012 Revisited – Cold and Ice Are Hot: B+ Grade for this Prediction

  1. Mark A. McKenney

    I have been hearing about the benefits of hot/cold therapy, cyrotherapy and how elite athletes are using it. It looks to me like this trend will catch on but slower than you wrote about in the last year’s Spa Trends article.

    I was in the wet area of a spa here in Dallas and yes, I hesitated going into the cold plunge pool with that thermometer showing how cold the water was. I did not go into the ‘refrigerator’ room either. Ugggh! I grew up in the tropics of South America and have always enjoyed the heat and water therapy. I only saw snow when i was living in New York about 15 years ago and for 7 years there after. Needless to say I still enjoy heat and water together like I imagine most people do.

    How about writing educational pieces on ‘spa instruction’ or ‘how to’ articles on taking the hot /cold therapy (or perhaps short videos) on how to maximize the wellness benefits?

    Dallas, TX

  2. Melanie B. Williams

    Hello Susie, always enjoy your blogs.talked to you a lot ages ago(1986 or 1987) you were just a two person outfit and you steered this European spa goer to Safety Harbor where I went at least 25 times through thick and thin and many owners. Haven’t been since 2003. Even though I live in New Jersey, I have reverted back to European spas and have always been surprised that your book never mentioned Thalassatherapy Institute inQuiberon, Brittany. Have been told they were not up to snuff. Well, after about ten visits I changed my mind and am now an afficionado of the Miramar in Crouesty, also in Brittany, France. I think you should give ita try, it is superb, the services are great, the people incredibly friendly, not always so for French. Wonder if you remember me, used to work at BMW. Keep up the good work, you are one of the reasons Americans have discovered the benefits of spas, massages etc. happy New Year.
    Melanie B. Williams

  3. Susie Ellis

    Hi Melanie,
    Thanks so much for your email – and for introducing me to Miramar in Crouesty. I have heard of the thalassotherapy expertise in France however haven’t had a chance to actually experience it yet. I will ask our European account manager to get in touch with them and see if they might be interested in being listed on our website.

    By coincidence, I recently had breakfast with a woman from the French tourism office in New York who explained to me that France is going to be doing a big marketing campaign around “Well-Being” and promoting its spas and thalassotherapy centers. That interests me immensely since Wellness Tourism is becoming a worldwide niche that we are helping to promote.

    A lot has happened in the years since 1986/1987 – but glad to see that going to spas has been a constant in both of our lives since then.

    Wishing you all the best for the rest of the holidays and the New Year.


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