Spa Trend Analysis 2011: Deals Gone Wild

3 thoughts on “Spa Trend Analysis 2011: Deals Gone Wild

  1. Mark A. McKenney

    I worked at a local daily deals company here in the Dallas, Texas area and started promoting “Wellness Wednesday” and ‘packaged deals’ . With a smaller company (like the one I worked with) they could customize, be more manageable and turn off the deal quickly. This would be able to greatly help spas and wellness companies not to “sell out” or over whelm them. The bigger, national daily deal companies had many more e-mail customers and would sell hundreds of the deals.

    I believe if spas could manage and plan their daily deal on an annual basis along with all aspects of their online and offline presence it will work. I find that smaller spas and wellness clinics aren’t congruent with their online and off line presence and just take a shot gun approach. On the other hand larger corporate ones tend to be ‘old media’ and write PR reviews expecting this to work. [Well it does because I tweet out #PR reviews as news! LOL] The local spa directors have so much to manage that their online presence is non existent in their market. They do not engage their customers to become ambassadors of their products and services. Does your beautiful website engage your customers? I would want more of a coordinated effort to promote spa and wellness without having to resort to deals and everything discounted. Yes I enjoy glossy magazines with pictures but this is so costly to produce.

    There is a need for more online and offline marketing specifically for the spa and wellness industries. I am hoping this will happen soon as I keep applying to local Media companies here in Dallas that will soon wake up and smell the basil, lemon and peppermint essential oils to this local, national and international business opportunity!

    Dallas, Texas USA

  2. Sunitha Devadas

    Hi Ms.Susie, I am trying to reach you to design our spas in Bangalore, India.I can’t find your email I’d.
    Pls send it to me, I will give you all the details. Thanks, Sunitha

  3. Elise

    Dear Ms. Susie,

    Thanks for your insightful article. We agree that the location-based search capability for spa deals will be one very useful feature that the industry should focus on. We have in fact just launched our Alldealsasia iPhone app that has the ‘nearby deals’ feature that allows users to seamlessly locate the spa deal in the vicinity, purchase it on the app, and then redeem it at the spa with the e-voucher. Do check it out at Thank you!


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