Euromonitor Report for Global Spa Summit: 4 Key Trends

5 thoughts on “Euromonitor Report for Global Spa Summit: 4 Key Trends

  1. Brooke Taylor

    Hi Susie,
    I think how this plays out will be very interesting! Our company’s retail closely mirrors the treatments we offer – a point many don’t always agree with as they like the spa experience to be completely exclusive. Our treatments are formed around the power of the therapists’ hands and energy, with the ability to customise for the client – this creates a point of difference with the products. We encourage the client to take the products home to relive the experience created in the spa … the aromas and textures that brought about well-being for them in the spa should invoke relaxation when using at home. I think there is a stronger connection to the experience because the products utilise essential oils as a foundation, which affects people on a more emotional level. We are lucky the feedback we get from our treatments is that the experience stays with you. If the staying home trend comes to pass, I think we’ll further encourage spas to teach people how to recreate an experience they’ve had with us, sharing what others have done for generations to encourage beauty and health.

  2. Jessica Durivage

    Hi Susie!
    Great job conveying this important information. I think that while we need to look at the “bad news” as an opportunity – we also need to give our industry a big pat on the back for our success in the other three trends. Awareness of Spa, lifestyle and wellness were on the rise big time before the economy took a downturn, and those people who experienced their very first spa treatment, massage, alternative health therapy in the yen years before the recession – well, they are remembering and they will be back. You also mentioned “staycation”, and that may be a part of the Home as Entertainment piece as well. Destination Spas that typically advertise out of market, may want to promote locally – with this idea in mind. Overall, I think it is exciting news. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lorna

    Thanks Susie for your wonderful and informative reports. I look forward to receiving them and find them of great value.

    Re Post Recession Trends I am finding that my spa is not concerned about spa goers staying at home and having in home spa services or trying to recreate spas in their homes. My spa for instance has treatments that are quite exclusive and, would be impossible to do at home. Also people want to feel totally relaxed without interruptions and being at home this may not be possible. A spa environment away from home is like a mini vacation. Perhaps a new trend would be to recreate a mini stress reduction vacation by going to a spa for a day.

    La Donna Fina Spa
    West Vancouver, B.C.

  4. Judith

    Hi Susie…Sorry not to make your soirée mid-month as I’ll be vacationing…I appreciate the invitation!

    Love your blog…as for my thoughts on ‘home as entertainment hub’…I say, ‘so be it.’ In my qualified experience of going into hundreds of homes over the years, what I mostly see is ‘what a home isn’t” – read ‘not a sanctuary.’ People need to be reminded that going to a spa is a step outside their usual world of continual stimulation (work, family ‘entertainment’) and into relaxation, nurturing, quiet, softness. A balancing experience…and altered consciousness.

    Enjoy the remainder of summer and I look forward to seeing you on another occasion…with my best, Judith

    1. Susie Ellis Post author

      Hi Judith,
      Good to hear from you and thanks for sharing your insight that most people need to leave their home to find a sanctuary. Speaking of….enjoy your vacation!


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