Fresh Inspiration for the Spa Industry at GSS

4 thoughts on “Fresh Inspiration for the Spa Industry at GSS

  1. Sara Firman

    Thank you for having the wisdom to include this excellent sounding keynote at the Summit. I’m especially glad to see that more ‘reverence’ for water appears near the top of your list here.

    Last year’s Summit also included a strong panel on water. And water was an important theme at the recent BISA conference in Budapest.

    This essential element is a central theme for my own writing on spa at Perhaps by sharing our reverence for water we can make a significant contribution to the world through spa.

    Thank you again for helping to keep it in spa consciousness.

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  3. Prof J Paul De Vierville, PhD, MSSW

    YES, not only do we need to be “thinking like an alien,” we also need to be sensing, feeling and imaging like one.
    At first glance this may seemed “spaced out,” –certainly it’s “out of the box!”

    But, when you look around at our planet Earth and see was is manifesting over the landscape and especially now in the gulf, we are in Times that need not only this type of “off-planet, other worldly and alien thinking” but especially “True Imagination” and “Deep Dreaming,” for solutions to problems beyond the typical Industrial limits.

    Besides a SPA CULTURE with true “REVERENCE for “THE WATERS” as central, I can think of no better place than a SPA for this type of thinking, talking, reflecting, resting, renewing, sleeping and dreaming.

    –well, except perhaps those wonderful sacred geometric Field Formations appearing mysteriously in southern England not far from Bath, Wells and Alton (old spring) Barnes as well as at other ancient watering sites in Europe (Italy, Netherlands, Germany, France & Russia) and North and South America.
    Please take a look:

    A quick look and link might just help you with your “thinking like an alien!”
    If not, it certainly is something to consider deeply for “The Future.”


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