I Have Become a Spa Candle Snob

7 thoughts on “I Have Become a Spa Candle Snob

  1. AZSpaGirl

    I have to disagree only because I've always been afraid of fire (goes back to Catholic school candle-lighting phobias!) and I find the flameless variety neat, clean and safe. However, fake plants in a spa? Ick. I agree with that! But I like the flameless in spas (I'm thinking of Joya Spa at Montelucia in Arizona particularly). No overwhelming scent and they look like an orchestra of pretty lights.

  2. Anonymous

    of course nothing can beat the thrue atmophere of a real candle! But what if you own a spa in south america where candles costs are high? i would love to learn to make them myself…pure organic aromatherapy candles,what is the best place to learn how to do this? i think making your own gives the most personality to your spa,no fake neither bought candle can beat that!!! please any tips?

  3. Jane Quinn

    Hi Susie,

    A friend of mine just brought a candle home for me from Chateau Marmont in the States- DIVINE!

    Also, when we had Per Aquum I was a huge fan of Northern Lights candles- they are handcrafted with pure bees wax and have nothing nasty in them at all…we used to sell loads of them in the spa (they do customised packaging and deliver worldwide) – http://www.northernlight.com.au…the owner of the company is amazingly passionate about getting the message out about the immense amount of damage the average tea light candle does to the environment…he told me every statistic you need to know when I went and visited him on his self sustainable farm in Northern NSW very close to GAIA (Olivia Newton-Johns Retreat in Australia)…Northern lights are definitely worth a mention for all of the spa’s out there who do want REAL candles and who also want to do the RIGHT thing by their clients and the environment. Here is a reference of their website that has some very interesting/scary health facts:

    Northern light candles are free from paraffin, palm oil, soy oil or any other hazardous ingredient. Our safe, all natural ingredients include the finest, hand picked australian beeswax, cotton wick, and translucent porcelain. The oil, bees wax and production facilities are all food grade.

    There is no harm to bee, environment or person in the making of our lights.

    toxicology of paraffin wax

    Paraffin is the common name for a group of high molecular weight alkane hydrocarbons produced by the distillation of crude oil. Non-food grade paraffin wax commonly used in the production of other candles often contains oils and impurities which may be toxic or harmful.

    source: wikipedia

    workplace exposure limits to the fumes of burning paraffin wax

    Paraffin oil (kerosene) and the solid form paraffin wax are petrochemical fuels and the 'exhaust' from a paraffin candle has been examined by the australian government's national occupational health and safety commission (NOHSC). The NOHSC recommends workplace exposure limits of 2 milligrams of paraffin fume per square metre, over an eight-hour period.

    source: australian government national occupational health and safety

    Hope you are keeping well…I am enjoying life back in Sydney with my 3 children and my organic vegetable garden!!!


    P.s I am a fellow candle snob!

  4. Anonymous

    Yest, I returned from a long w/e stay at the Swisshotel in Istanbul. I read your entry before my journey so I was curious to 1st hand take in this fake flameless candle experience during my spa treatments at Amrita. The BIG surprise was to find out that the candles are real, flame, unscented now. Mmh, how interesting!

  5. Anonymous

    hi there, i have worked in the 6 star crystal serenity spa – i think you should look at your cruise spa's and do some updates? harmony is long gone from the crystal fleet and serenity was the latest addition. thanks mas

  6. Georgianna Ma

    Hi all,

    I must agree with you Susie. The ones with the “light bulb wick” are tacky and I am almost certain at the time when you wrote your blog, you are not familiar with Candle Impressions’ flameless candles! They are crafted from real wax, some even give off a scent, and most importantly they have a patented “faux-wick” design which look and feel just like a real candle. Would love to send you a free sample to introduce you to our product!



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