Issue 1: Innovation through Imagination for Spa Professionals

2 thoughts on “Issue 1: Innovation through Imagination for Spa Professionals

  1. Mark A. McKenney

    Really good article and to the point. I just had this experience in the last 48 hours. We were discussing a new client and how to market his product/s. At first we were all negative (not in front of the client) because we thought of all the things that needed to be planned, the money, and the amount of time and effort it would take to get this project off the ground. Something happened over night [perhaps imaginative innovation] and prior to the meeting with him a colleague came up with a very different perspective. During the meeting the direction changed; the excitement was palpable and he left very happy and within an hour called me back to proceed with the next step.
    Yes, we can forget be imaginative innovators some of the time….
    Dallas, Texas


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