Inside Scoop on Booking Spa Treatments: Facials, Massages, Manicures, Pedicures, and More

3 thoughts on “Inside Scoop on Booking Spa Treatments: Facials, Massages, Manicures, Pedicures, and More

  1. Sylvia Sepielli

    Hi Susie,

    Re: We’re fully booked:

    You hit on one of my biggest operational pet peeves! It infuriates and frustrates me. It creates a vicious cycle that inhibits guest satisfaction and flow of revenue. In tough economic times the spa management mistakenly thinks they are saving money by reducing staff. Lack of planning and flexibility exacerbates the problem. In truly busy times in stifles maximum potential. The shift is a mind-set that we try and ingrain in management and every associate. Great advice for the spa-goer, as well.

    I just realized that I have never told you how much I enjoy your blog. While it is fun to vicariously experience spas through you, you always have insights that are useful to both customers and operators alike.

    Hope you and Pete are well.

    Warm regards, S

  2. Michele McIntyre - CNYSPAGIRL

    Susie – I look so forward to your posts each week. This one really resonates with me as a spa enthusiast and spa consumer, this has always frustrated me as well. Empty treatment rooms and unavailable therapists should never be a reason that a client can’t get their favorite appointment time and treatment.

    This has happened to me many, many times. It most oftens happens when I am at the spa, have experienced a spectacular treatment (which I booked well ahead) and don’t want to leave. I start thumbing through the treatment brochure thinking I will get another treatment or will come back tomorrow for a second treatment, but am disappointed at the spa reception desk when they cannot offer me another appointment. Is this partially my fault? Yes, but particularly when the client is in-house, prepared to spend more money – it is frustrating from the consumer end.

    Be well. Michele McIntyre

  3. Deborah Smith


    This is such a common occurrence nowadays. Thanks for drawing attention to it! There is an old saying, "Make hay when the sun shines", and resort and day spas have to stop letting the opportunity to book business pass them by. A very robust on-call list for facialists, bodyworkers and trainers would certainly help.

    Keep up the good informative work on your blog, I really enjoy it!

    Deborah Smith
    Smith Club & Spa Specialists


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