Do you think that spas are good places to help spark people’s creativity?

4 thoughts on “Do you think that spas are good places to help spark people’s creativity?

  1. Elaine Sauer

    Oh Yes ….We can add enhanced creativity to our benefits page on the menu!! You nailed it when you spoke about stress interferring with creativity and as you mentioned you tend to write in the morning before the day gets hectic and you are more relaxed. When you feel stuck…. what we need most is to walk away from a project in order to move it forward. So do something totally different from what you are focused on….the answers will most definetely come while you are having a spa treatment, skiing down the hill, go for a run or baking a pie with your children!

  2. Susie Ellis

    Thanks Elaine…really appreciate your insight into the creativity benefit of spas, walking – or anything else relaxing. It was one of the most important insights I received from this year’s Summit. Hope you are well.


  3. Kathryn Stolle

    By its very definition, creativity comes from within through the use of the imagination or original ideas. It can be sparked in many different ways – a walk in nature, listening to relaxing or inspiring music, meditation or a quieting of the mind, and more. These are all stress-relieving or stress-free activities that allow our minds to observe, reflect, explore and create. Most spas provide a space and time, similar to the above activites, that feeds this process, if even only for an hour or two – relieving stress and allowing a person to be more creative regardless of what he or she might be otherwise engaged in. So, absolutely, spas are perfect incubators for imagination and innovation!

  4. Bella Tonic Salon and Spa

    Yes, most definitely! Just simply being able to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body can tend to spark a persons creativity. Spa’s that foster a relaxing environment can help people relax their minds which in turn allows new creative thoughts come in.


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