Issue 2: Are Innovators Born or Made?

2 thoughts on “Issue 2: Are Innovators Born or Made?

  1. Cheryl Anne

    Hi Susie,
    Certainly anyone can learn to become more innovative, more creative, more imaginative and more anything they choose to be.
    “Imagination is truly the Eye of the Soul.” Isn’t life all about transformation anyway?

    Spa is the ideal vehicle for Mind, Body, Spirit Connection.
    Once meant only for the privileged class now as we are fully in the Power To The People-Age Of Aquarius things such as groupon, Living Social, Spa Week etc Spa has become easily accessible to the masses.

    if “we the people” using spa as an earthly vehicle where we can collectively imagine a world of abundance, love and giving we can create it. We will have fulfilled our collective destiny. Heaven and Earth will be one.


    If you are thinking this is outside of the realm of possibility Get thee to the Spa. Try a Chakra Balancing Massage.
    Better yet just think of what might happen if for 1 hour across the world we were home spa-ing.

  2. Elaine Sauer

    I love this article, I am going to buy the book.

    I am certain in our industry, there is an underlying current of innovation happening right now bringing forth change in the spa industry. I feel it, there is a drive towards functional medicine being more integrated in our industry and our therapist growing in this arena, and while it may be some years off, I seeing becoming more mainstream.

    Susie, adorable picture of you and your twin! I love the birthday card scenario for your mom, I wonder what she thought …was she seeing double?

    Elaine Sauer, LE
    CIDESCO Diplomat


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