Lessons for Spa Industry from Clinton’s “Health Matters” Conference

12 thoughts on “Lessons for Spa Industry from Clinton’s “Health Matters” Conference

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  2. Kathryn Stolle

    Great comments, Susie. Caught snippets of the conference as it took place – mainly from a golf perspective and your tweets. Ground-breaking, in that it was so mainstream – and with the humanitarian Clinton (all politics aside) endorsing it, (not to mention all the other “greats”) the conference was bound to receive substantial positive attention. Lucky you to have been able to share and spend those valuable hours with Deborah!

    I agree – our industry needs to focus on a specific message and since the number one reason people go to spas is stress reduction, it doesn’t look like we need to dither about what that message should be. Don’t worry – we WILL continue to move closer to the integrative medical community – especially with http://www.spaevidence.com as a major resource – and I will do all I can to support you on this!!

  3. Sonal Uberoi

    Dear Susie,

    Thank you for sharing such an important subject for the spa industry. Funnily, reading your post I too asked myself, why did they not call any figure from the spa industry to be part of the panel? I think that could be because they either do not see the spa industry as partner in the “prevention banner” or perhaps we as an industry do not advocate ourselves strongly enough under this banner.

    I strongly agree with you in that we