Medical Tourism Will Force Health Care Change: Spas Benefit

7 thoughts on “Medical Tourism Will Force Health Care Change: Spas Benefit

  1. Steve

    Susie –

    This is really interesting, and a really great blog post.

    Your point is very important. We who are working in the industsry need to keep our eyes open to how this can impact us.

    I’ve done a bunch of work for the Cayman Islands government over the years, focused on traditional tourism. One of the guys I’ve gotten to know down there is leading up the major medical tourism project they are doing. It has the potential to change not only their tourism business in important ways, but their entire economy.

    I hope your business is doing well.

    Thanks. I need to make sure I read your blog more regularly – every time I’ve read it I’ve gotten something useful out of it.

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  3. medtravelemexico

    Great information about the medical tourism industry. I maintain a blog which discusses the medical tourism industry — as well as general health and wellness content — as it pertains to Mexico and the world. I linked this article to my site, please take a look! I’m also on Twitter @MedTravelMexico. Thanks and have a great day!

  4. Bridget Reno

    This is quite interesting and I feel that some valid points were made in this post. As it was said; Medical Tourism leads to Wellness Tourism, and Wellness tourism leads to Medical tourism. It is so true that traveling abroad to assist with medical care will overall lead to new research that will improve our medical care here in the U.S.

  5. Susie Ellis Post author

    Just saw this article today…..about how Abu Dhabi is going to be sending patients to Korea for medical procedures and paying for it. A perfect example of the competition resulting from medical tourism….and if it is true as they say in this article, “It is the first time that a foreign country has formed a pact with local medical institutions on a government level” then things may be moving faster than I envisioned.

    Arab patients to visit local hospitals for treatment beginning next year

    By Kim Tae-jong

    Four major hospitals in Korea have signed an agreement with the health authorities of Abu Dhabi, paving the way for the oil-rich Arab nation to more easily send patients here from next year.

    It is the first time that a foreign country has formed a pact with local medical institutions on a government level, a deal expected to spur an influx of foreign patients here.

    The four hospitals are Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Asan Medical Center and Samsung Medical Center.

    The signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Seoul with the presence of representatives from the ministry, the four hospitals and Abu Dhabi.

    Korea’s health ministry arranged the agreement between the hospitals and Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), forecasting the economic benefits from the deal to reach 60 billion won ($52 million) a year.

  6. Tim

    Medical tourism is a growing phenomena, I wonder what the statistics are for interstate medical tourism. I know that I traveled to Oklahoma to visit with some General surgeons in Oklahoma City because they came so highly recommended to me. I had a TA in college who studied medial tourism for her cultural Anthropology masters.

  7. Spa Benefits

    Medical tourism is getting very popular due to its advantages. Today’s hectic life style do not allow people to take care of their body. so spa is one kind of opportunity which can provide the much needed medical attention. Spa benefits are useful in different health problem also.


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