Medical Travel, Spas, Wellness Tourism in Brazil

6 thoughts on “Medical Travel, Spas, Wellness Tourism in Brazil

  1. Camille Hoheb

    Kudos to you for posting your insider knowledge and observations on medical and wellness tourism.

    For those of us who were not able to attend, the facts and keen insights makes for great info. Very thought-provoking.

    I look forward to your presentation at the 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism Congress this month on Spas as Feeders to Medical Tourism.

    Many thanks.

  2. Susie Ellis Post author

    Thanks Camille for your encouraging words that came just at the right time.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should spend so much time typing up my notes from conferences, rearranging them into coherent (hopefully) topics and sharing in a blog that may or may not be of interest to anyone. I keep telling myself (and my husband who thinks I am at the computer way too much) that at least I benefit by spending all those hours crafting my blog reports because it does force me to really think through the material and the topics.

    Thanks for letting me know that there is at least one other person out there who finds the things I find interesting, interesting. And please do share your ideas, insights, agreements, disagreements via my blog as I know you are a true expert in this field and we would all find your comments very valuable.

  3. Camille Hoheb

    Susie, you raise an excellent point about the country organizing itself for medical travel in preparation for the World Cup and Olympics. While these are huge opportunity to help raise awareness of Brazil’s strengths in medical advancements, it is also an opportunity to cast a spotlight on the reduction of chronic diseasee through risk reduction of poor lifestyle habits.

    “Chronic disease risk factors are a leading cause of the death and disease
    burden in all countries, regardless of their economic development
    status. The leading risk factor globally is raised blood pressure, followed
    by tobacco use, raised total cholesterol, and low fruit and vegetable
    consumption.” (World Health Organization, 2002)

    Having quickly reviewed a healchare report from WHO in response to your blog entry, I was surprised to learn the following information about Brazil:
    • The study projects that chronic disease will be the leading cause of death in Brazil in 2015
    • 8-10% of death in Brazil was attributable to raised blood pressure
    • 8% of attributable deaths in Brazil were a from raised body mass index
    • The highest projected prevalence of overweight in women in the selected countries in 2015 will be in Brazil, followed by the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation and Canada.

    With these statistics, and at first blush – it would seem that there are two distinct opportunities for wellness tourism- regional and domestic – to meet the needs of Brazil’s citizens – as well as inbound from other countries.


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