Let the Spa Research begin! (Guess what…it already has.)

One thought on “Let the Spa Research begin! (Guess what…it already has.)


    Good morning Ms.Ellis;

    My son an 17 year old is big and tall (1.85/ 110kg).. next year he’ll go to college. Owerweight has been his problem that he did not overcome and he did not feel bedabout it. But recent analyses we have had, shows tha the boy has developed also uric acid as he does eat mostly animal protein and excludes all sea foods from his diet.

    ın the coming week I wish to go with him in a spa-hotel specialised in a weight loss programme. I have experience only with Quiberon France (Sofitel) but I am affraid it may be boaring for him. Is there any place you could suggest where he can take a weight loss and have some sports… I’ll appreciate your reccomendations on that matter ?

    Best regards,


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