Spa Roller Coaster Ride: Asia is Flying High!

2 thoughts on “Spa Roller Coaster Ride: Asia is Flying High!

  1. LindaEliyahnah

    I found this intriguing. I would think since TCM and many of the modalities used in Spas around the world originated from older cultures like Asia, that there would be a plethora of available practitioners in these regions. Although I have been involved in Nutrition and Natural Health since the late 80’s the rise of spas in America is a recent revelation to me. Is there any research out there that shows growth of Spas and Wellness Clinics in the US?

  2. Susie Ellis Post author

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your comment. I wanted to refer you the SRI research that has been published on spa and wellness, which can be accessed via these links:

    Another resource of interest might be the latest ISPA research, which can be accessed here:


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