The new “P” word in Spa Trends: Prevention

9 thoughts on “The new “P” word in Spa Trends: Prevention

  1. Jeremy McCarthy

    Great post Susie! I for one am glad to see pampering come back into good graces. The spa industry tried to turn its back on pampering but a quick search of twitter for “spa” and “pampering” will show that consumers never have. Recent research on the importance of touch, relationships, and social support for well-being suggests that pampering may not only be conducive to wellness, but a requirement. Rather than seeking to eliminate pampering from the world of spas, we should be asking why DON’T we get pampered in the other healing institutions in our society?

  2. Mia Kyricos

    Amen, Susie! In my mind, it’s “Hello, Prevention and Welcome Back, Pampering”. In our attempts to give more credence and authority to the spa and wellness related industries — and rightfullly so — we forgot the consumer who has told us repeatedly that spa and pampering often go hand-in-hand. And whether its to reduce stress, ensure a sound mind and body, or to enjoy a lovely dose of “oohs” and “aahs”, it’s simply a matter of staying well. Here’s to our health!

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  4. Sharon

    Everyone deserves some pampering(or prevention) every now and then. You are right , people have too much stress in their life brought on by their machines.

  5. Dana Powers

    As a graduate of Harvard’s School of Public Health “way back when”, I remember learning about the contribution stress makes to the onset of illness and early aging for decades. You’ve written a terrific and incisive article about the importance of stress reduction and the role spas can play here – my health club and also my skin care doctors group both have on-site facilities providing spa services.

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