Stanford Medical School Graduation Speech Alludes to Welcoming Spas

2 thoughts on “Stanford Medical School Graduation Speech Alludes to Welcoming Spas

  1. DeeAnn Lensen, Board Member, Leading Spas of Canada, Owner Advanced Spa Technologies

    A couple of years ago at a Leading Spas of Canada conference Susie announced that ‘lifestyle’ was predicted to become a powerful spa trend. I had long been working to support my spa clients to adopt programs that I had created to bring lifestyle into their spa. Well, it has taken years for them to really buy in but alas I can barely keep up with the speaking requests now. That is why it touched me when I read Atul Gawande quote; “It has enumerated and identified, according to the international disease-classification system, more than 13,600 diagnoses–13,600 different ways our bodies can fail.” Health, beauty, joy…all begins between our ears! As an Advanced Esthetic Educator, Distributor and Spa consultant, I have a beautiful products and tools at my fingertips. What have been missing are easily accessible, results oriented tools to teach staff and clients alike how to shift their internal dialogue to one that serves their body and spirit today and every day. DeeAnn Lensen

  2. Dana Powers

    When I was a student at Harvard School of Public Health many decades ago, the Mind-Body continuum was just starting to be talked about and recognized. Benson soon thereafter published his classic book “The Relaxation Response” which led the way. Thanks for posting this Stanford speech – it’s certainly a welcome milestone!


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