Spa Trend Analysis 2011: Surprising Special Events

3 thoughts on “Spa Trend Analysis 2011: Surprising Special Events

  1. Mark A. McKenney

    I enjoyed reading your analysis of all 2011 Trends and commenting on the “Deals Gone Wild”. Kudos on the new Trends for 2012. Looking forward for the current trends to continue and 2012 trends to play out. Excellent work! It looks easy just reading them but I am sure there is a lot of work involved putting all this together. Kudos!

    In a brief comment on the about trend I enjoyed reading up special trends as it feels like you are in an exclusive club that others are just discovering. Here in Dallas it seems we have more clubs and meet-ups on any given subject from health, fitness and beyond. The trouble is communicating this to all interested people across the vast social world! Do we have the time to get and participate with all these special events?

    Dallas, Texas

    1. Susie Ellis Post author

      Hmm, good point as it does seem a bit of an oxymoron – Richard Branson and SLOW LIFE. The acronym slow life is a Six Senses concept that stands for Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wholesome, Learning, Inspiring, Fun, Experiences. Richard Branson was there to discuss his commitment to these principles. Interestingly, if you watch the video of him speaking at the Soniva Fushi resort sitting barefoot casually on the sand with the turquoise water of the Maldives in the background, he does look amazingly calm and centered. And when I think about him on TV in other venues (like when his house in the Caribbean burned down) he still seems pretty calm and collected. Maybe he is a bit of a poster-child for living a slow life in the fast lane.


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