Tidbits re Medical Travel Brazil through Spa Industry Eyes

One thought on “Tidbits re Medical Travel Brazil through Spa Industry Eyes

  1. Mary Darling

    Greetings from Bali! Thank you Susie for spending time at your computer as well as for taking such complete notes ~ it is like a mini or crash course reading your reports. I read both these related Blog postings plus the Twitter feed – fascinating.

    We started a new business here ~ Bali Wellness Journeys ~ for consumers that may be interested in more than ‘just another massage’. Plus if treatments are more affordable and accessible on holiday I may be more apt to sample1st while preventing something worse from happening then perhaps continue once home again to seek out choices and options vs just a prescription.

    Though we have amazing Spa locations, there is so much more to ‘Wellness’ and if, while on Holiday a guest can learn more about Complementary Therapies, or jump start their ‘new’ diet, or use the The Ayana’s Thallasso pool for a Therapeutic swim, or if I just had surgery in Bangkok ( Bumrungrad should be be cloned 😉 and can do some post operative recovery here – why not?

    Ruben T is one of the best ………

    Lastly, I read your Blog religiously and recommend to many, many others since you seem to be a lonely voice out there saying what needs to be said – thank you.


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