End of Year Thoughts…and a bit of Spa Sprinkled in

2 thoughts on “End of Year Thoughts…and a bit of Spa Sprinkled in

  1. Jane Aransky

    Dear Susie:

    What an amazing summary of your past year. How eloquently you wrote about what you’ve learned and especially the part about allowing others to help you out.
    To me, that means that you’ve given up a piece of your ego…the part that gets in your way. I know from my own experience and almost 35 years in this amazing industry and life in general, the importance of trusting our employees. They may not do things the way we think they should be done, however, in the end it usually doesn’t make much of a difference.

    And, what a blessing you had this year… the best of them all…Peter’s recovery!

    I think I’d better sign off now, and say I’m sorry for clogging up your inbox!
    Happy New Year, and thanks so much for sharing your vulnerability and wise thoughts.
    You are a blessing for all of us.

    Jane Aransky

    1. Susie Ellis Post author

      Dear Jane,
      Thanks so much for your very thoughtful email. It is amazing to discover some positives of ageing and a bit more understanding seems to be one of them – as you seem to have discovered as well.
      Hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration and wishing you all the best for 2011 and beyond. Thanks for reading my blog.


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