Products We Love: Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Collection

Sensitive skin affects millions of us and while there are four general types of sensitivity (acne, rosacea, burning/stinging and contact dermatitis), they all have one thing in common: inflammation. Perricone MD, seeing a need for a gentle yet effective take on sensitive skincare has created its new line, the Hypoallergenic Collection, to fill the void. As the brand’s first dermatological-grade hypoallergenic collection, it was specifically created for sensitive skin.



Anti-Aging from the Inside-Out – Personalized Cell Therapy

Anti-aging products and treatments are everywhere—and ever-growing. It seems like each week, another cream, treatment, miracle pill or you-name-it is coming out and promising to vanish our spots, smooth our wrinkles and make us all look beautiful and young. Among the products out there, perhaps the most innovative of these new measures comes in the form of a new injectable called LAVIV™ .



Products We Love: Le Mieux Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream

Le Mieux, one of the first skin biotechnology research and development companies to introduce and integrate Epidmeral Growth Factor (EGF), has a plethora of products catering to various skin types and conditions. We tried out the Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream, which acts as both a day and night anti-aging cream, and noticed results in about two to three weeks.