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Rancho La Puerta’s 70th Birthday Gala Benefits Fundación La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta, a fitness resort and wellness spa in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, is hosting a two-day birthday gala and symposium, “The Sun, the Butterfly, the Dove,” in San Diego, California, this September 24-25th to celebrate its 70th. Proceeds from the gala will benefit Fundación La Puerta, a non-profit dedicated to the Tecate region and building a better future on the border through educational and ecological action, so join the fun and feel good about it at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

Spa Recipes from Rancho La Puerta


Spa Recipe from Rancho La Puerta: Grilled White Corn Soup with Leeks and Roasted Peppers

In Mexico, fresh corn is roasted or grilled until smoky-sweet and deliciously chewy. For this classic chowder, the corn is pan-roasted, then cooked to a golden velvet with leeks and aromatic vegetables.

Founder Deborah Szekely and Chef Jesus Gonzales like to give food a quick last touch as it is served. It might be as simple as a quick sauté of leeks, corn and peppers for this corn soup, a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil over tomatoes and basil or a dash of fennel powder on grilled fish. That last touch always lifts each fish a notch, adding freshness and flavor, a hint of texture or temperature contrast and eye appeal.