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Medical Spa Month: The Low Down on Tickle Lipo

What is Tickle Lipo? Well it doesn’t have anything to do with being tickled; this vibrational liposuction process, also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction or N.I.L., employs an air pressure method that removes fat safely, efficiently and with less trauma to the body than other liposuction options.

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Spotlight on the L.A. Spa Scene

Hollywood, the Lakers, Rodeo Drive, and the beach scene…the Los Angeles area is famous for these and more, and the city is receiving rave reviews as an international spa celebrity as well. This hip city practically requires a relaxed, laidback vibe, and in a place that counts movie stars among its population, an attractive appearance is essential. With its diverse offering of spa retreats, you’re sure to find an L.A. spa that you’ll give four stars.

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Spa Like a Celeb, at a Fraction of The Price!

SpaFinder has teamed up with People Magazine’s very popular new sister publication, StyleWatch to bring you awesome savings at two spas that celebrities love. Whether you’re on the east-coast or the west-coast you can treat your skin the way stars treat theirs, with some of the best luxury skincare treatments and products.

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L.A. Spas Play Starring Role in Deal Days

L.A. mingles celebrities and spa life as the star-studded city makes its debut in SpaFinder’s premiere Deal Days event www.spafinder.com/dealdays, the spa industry’s version of Tinseltown’s Oscars. If you’re in the L.A. area the week of March 8-14, hit up one (or more!) of the many spas offering treatments (mani/pedis, facials, massages for just $50!) for some pampering, and perhaps, even celebrity sightings.