Stress-Free Skin? Yes, Please.

It’s time to face the facts: Stress is not good for the soul, and it’s not good for your skin. Prevention explains the cause of your skin’s top five stress symptoms and how to correct them so you’re on your way to a worry-free complexion.



Celebs…They’re Just Like Us

What do John McCain, Ewan McGregor, Elizabeth Taylor and Melanie Griffith have in common? They have all had and beat skin cancer. Melanomas and other skin cancers know no bounds, and can affect people from all walks of life, including the rich and famous. However, when considering the dangerous effects of the sun, it is also important to remember that early detection can be the key to making sure that skin cancer does not progress and spread.



Are you at risk for melanoma?

If you spend significant amounts of time in the sun or under UV lights then you are at risk for melanoma. But not everyone has the same level of risk, and despite common belief, if you have a darker complexion or tan without burning you are still susceptible to melanoma. Take a moment to answer the following questions to determine whether or not you are taking risks with your skin.



How to Spot Melanoma

SpaFinder is passionate about bringing awareness to the dangers of melanoma and how easily preventable it can be with the right amount of care. Keeping an eye on moles and freckles can have a huge impact on preventing the spread of melanomas, a huge advantage as once the cancers spread they become increasingly difficult to treat.