Make Pumpkin a New Part of Your Beauty Regimen

Autumn’s arrival means making way for your fall wardrobe, brilliant foliage, and Halloween festivities galore. This season, trick your skin into squashing wrinkles and other skin ailments with a treat of nutrient-rich pumpkin. RealAge® has the facts on how consuming pumpkin can give you a glowing complexion:

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Spa 101: The Collagen Facial – Spa Spotlight: Spa Merge

The basics: Collagen is produced by the skin and gives it elasticity and firmness, which is lessened as we age (hence wrinkles, crows feet, lines around the lips, you get the idea). So, because collagen is naturally produced by our skin, what a collagen facial does is help stimulate the production, using a special collagen protein serum. Collagen facials are said to leave the skin looking plumper and revitalized. It also helps with anti-aging efforts because dead skin cells are sloughed away. I learned a very interesting fact about exfoliation…more on that in a minute. Collagen facials are especially popular (especially in Tinseltown) before a special event. Typically, this is a pricier spa beauty treatment than say a spa’s signature facial.