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Fitness Guide

Fitness does more than just work your muscles - it's an important factor in de-stressing and staying both physically and mentally well. And while working out can be a chore for some, or by contrast an ultimate hobby for others, there are plenty of ways to get fit while doing something you love, whether it be in the gym or the great outdoors. Here on Spafinder Wellness 365, you can find many spas, fitness centers, and yoga studios that offer fitness activities to suit just about anyone and everyone.

Fitness & Activities

Read about various fitness activities that many spas, fitness and wellness centers, and yoga studios offer on our Fitness & Activities page. There, you can also find a list of properties that offer the particular fitness or activity you're interested in.
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Fitness and Food: Best Foods to Eat Before & After a Workout

Ever wonder what's best to eat before and after a workout? We talked to Junelle Lupiani, RD, Mirval Arizona's nutritionist, who answered all our questions surrounding eating and working out.
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Weight-Loss 101

Losing weight can be seen as a burden to many, but many spas and fitness and wellness centers are available to help you shed pounds while providing an enjoyable experience. In fact, Spafinder Wellness 365 lists over 100 getaway spas that offer weight loss as one of their primary programs.
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