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Explore massage types below or use the interactive Massage Matrix tool to discover which spa massage is right for you.

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Popular Massage Types

Spa enthusiasts enjoy a variety of massage services at day spas and on spa vacations. Learn about the most popular spa massages.

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Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurvedic Massage is based on ancient Indian principles designed to heal the body and create a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Learn about all of the elements, including the central concept, dosha, that encompass Ayurvedic Massage. Read more >>

Back Massages

Do you know your lomilomi from your tui na, and when to choose one style over another? Spafinder goes back to the basics, offering a crash course on back massage, the most fundamental and popular of all spa services. Read more >>

Couples Massage

Spa-goers can share a pampering experience with a significant other. A couple’s massage isn’t just for romantics, though—mother-daughter duos and best friends may also enjoy some spa-bonding time with side-by-side services. Read more >>

Deep-Tissue Massages

Deep-Tissue Massage targets your body’s deepest layers of muscle and releases tension in overstressed areas. It's perfect for athletes and those who desperately need to de-stress at the spa. Read more >>

Four-Hands Massages

Four-Hands Massage is a relaxing two-on-one treatment where two massage therapists perform a full body massage, allowing for deep relaxation for body and mind. Read more >>

Hand and Foot Massages

Hand and Foot massage treatments are great on their own or as an add on with another spa treatment. Read more >>

Hawaiian/Lomilomi Massages

Lomilomi Massage guide including the history of this massage, what to expect and what to ask before you book. Read more >>

Hot-Stone Massages

Find out why hot stone massages can make you sizzle or help you cool off before you book your next treatment! Read more >>

Lymphatic Massages

Get into the gentle rhythm of Lymphatic Drainage! Discover everything you need to know about Lymphatic Massages including history, benefits, and what to expect before you book this spa treatment! Read more >>

Myofascial Massages

Myofascial release techniques are used to equalize muscle tension throughout the body. Unequal muscle tension can compress nerves and muscles causing pain. Progress is measured by a decrease in the patient's pain and by an improvement in overall posture. Read more >>

Prenatal Massages

What moms and moms-to-be should be expecting before Prenatal Massage including benefits and tips! Read more >>

Reflexology Massages

Enjoy a treat for the feet with this reflexology guide, and learn what to expect and what you need to know before you book this treatment. Read more >>

Rolfing Massages

Rolfing massage is used to align and balance the body through the manipulation of deep muscles and soft connective tissue. Read more >>

Scalp Massages

Scalp massage guide including the benefits of this spa treatment as an add-on to another service or as an exclusive treatment. Read more >>

Shiatsu Massages

Shiatsu Massage guide including history and the benefits of this treatment and what to expect with a shiatsu massage. Read more >>

Swedish Massages

If you're just getting started with massage, Swedish Massage is a great way to begin. It's one of the most popular treatments on spa menus around the world. Read more >>

Thai Massages

Everything you need to know about Thai Massage often called "lazy yoga," including the history and what to expect when you get this treatment. Read more >>

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