SpaWish and Spafinder: An Important Update

What is changing?

  • Effective April 23rd, you will need to be a partner of Spafinder Wellness (i.e., you must participate in the marketing program) and have a Spafinder Wellness ID to redeem SpaWish Gift Cards. If you only have a SpaWish ID, you can sign up for the Spafinder Wellness marketing program here:

  • All locations listed in the SpaWish Network on, must accept SpaWish Gift Cards. SpaWish cards are accepted and redeemed just like Spafinder Wellness Gift Cards (Spafinder Wellness/SpaWish Gift Cards terms and conditions are located here).

Why is this change needed?

As part of the ongoing integration of SpaWish into Spafinder- we are unifying the Gift Card Programs and streamlining processes for partners, consumers, and ourselves. We have strong growth plans for SpaWish in the coming year and this integration will greatly help all our partners by increasing the circulation of SpaWish Gift Cards in the marketplace.

I am a Spafinder Wellness Partner, do I need to do anything?

No, although we recommend that you alert your staff to accept SpaWish gift cards from customers. Spafinder Wellness will be clearly labeled on the new SpaWish Gift Cards.

I am not a Spafinder Wellness Partner

You must join a Spafinder Wellness marketing program to redeem SpaWish and Spafinder Wellness Gift Cards. Join here:

What does a SpaWish Gift Card look like?

Old SpaWish Gift Card

(Click to enlarge)

New SpaWish Gift Card

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How do I redeem a SpaWish Gift Card?

Online at
Or call the toll free IVR line (877) 803-0684
If you are a Mind Body Online Partner, you can redeem via Mind Body
If you are a Booker Partner, you can redeem via Booker

What is the difference between Spafinder Wellness and SpaWish? is to spa and wellness, what is to beauty and grooming.

Introducing the new and improved, your one-stop-shop for each and every beauty need. From manicures and massage, haircuts and color, to waxing; we’ve got it all! Providing all the services that hip, young professionals need to stay, well… hip and young, SpaWish serves up fresh locations with a cool, youthful air. SpaWish Gift Cards can be used on any treatment you desire at thousands of spas and salons around the globe.

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