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Wellness Videos from Veria
Be well! Check out healthy recipes, yoga and fitness instructions, and other wellness tips from our partner, Veria − a network dedicated to wellness programming.

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Spa Food & Recipes

Eating well provides more than sustenance for a healthy body − it can also feed the soul, the mind and even the skin. When you eat foods that are nutritious you can do your body a world of good. Get the essentials on healthy food and delicious recipes from our premiere getaway spas around the world. We feature award-winning chefs, as well as other great-for-you recipes from dieticians, nutritionists, and healthy cookbooks. Plus, Spafinder Wellness 365 has heaps of nutrition news to make sure you know what to eat to help you feel your best.

Healthy Recipes

From simple fruit salads and detox smoothies, to savory soups and delicious fish entrees, spa cuisine offers a wealth of healthy recipes to try and experience spa dining at home with. Search our recipes here.

Spa Cuisine

Along with splendid treatments, many spas also offer spa cuisine for guests to enjoy after a treatment, or throughout their stay. For the latest on spa cuisine initiatives and trends, along with some recipes, read more.

Nutrition & DIY Beauty

Food does more than just taste good; it can do anything from energize the body or calm the mind, to boost immunity and make skin glow. Read about everything having to do with spa and food, in addition to do-it-yourself treatments using food ingredients.

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