CORE 704

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2902 North Davidson St. (NoDa0 2729 South Blvd (South End), Charlotte, NC 28205 United States 


We have Intensified Pilates, Redefined Cardio and Yoga Enhanced to bring you the most challenging, effective, and addictive full body workout that you will experience every time you take on our unique Method on our enhanced resistance based customized pilates machine, The CoreFormer. Expect 50 minutes of High Intensity, Low Impact movements that will sculpt your body, get your heart pumping, burn fat and strengthen your muscles. While 704 represents our beloved hometown area code, the numbers also represent the components of the method. Each workout incorporates the 7 elements of fitness (Cardio, Muscular Endurance, Strength, Body Composition, Flexibility, Balance, & Mental Health), provides a well-rounded full-body workout and targets the 4 muscle groups (Abs, Obliques, Arms, & Legs) in every single exercise. Upbeat music with motivate you, your driven teammates will inspire you and your energetic coach will challenge you to become the strongest version of you!