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Massage Spa & Beyond

Address & Info
Massage Spa & Beyond
1050 S Elmhurst Road,
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
United States
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Mon: Closed Tues: 9am  -  8pm Wed: 9am  -  8pm Thu: 9am  -  8pm Fri: 9am  -  8pm Sat: 9am  -  8pm Sun: 9am  -  7pm
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Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
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Dry Brushing
Fruit Scrub
Salt Scrub
Sugar Scrub
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Infrared Sauna
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Eyebrow and Lash Tinting
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Customer Reviews for Massage Spa & Beyond (22)

September 19, 2015
Level set your expectations.
Level set your expectations. That's the most important thing to a enjoy youself in this particular spa. Otherwise, you would get very disappointed. Basically, there is not much "beyond" to speak of, unlike the naming convention indicated. It is a average "spa" in a normal shopping plaza with a normal setting providing average services. And the price matches the "setting". Maybe a tad fancier than your typical neighborhood pedicure salon but not by much. I didn't expect much at all going in, and I was fine with my mani/pedi. So, girls, the trick is to level set the expectations going in, or you will leave with less money in your pocket AND unhappy. That defeats the point of a spa time, doesn't it!:-)
March 21, 2014
Do Not Go
Received a SpaFinder gift certificate and booked a paraffin pedicure online. When I arrived at this dirty and dingy place, I was told they were out of paraffin wax. Had I been contacted prior I would have canceled my appointment. Telling your customer that you cannot provide the service and only charging them for a lesser service that the one expected is simply not acceptable. And from the looks of the place I was ready to tell them to keep my gift card and I would pay for services elsewhere. However I was on a time crunch and just decided to suck it up... Which was probably a mistake. The equipment and chairs look as though they have been salvaged from a dump. All of the leather was worn to the point of stuffing coming through. Don't get me started on the smell. The nail polish color selection was minimal and looked so dried out and clumpy. Even the buffer blocks looked like they came from a flea market. The ONLY redeeming quality was the woman who did my pedicure did a nice job. I just hope I didn't acquire some sort of bacterial infection in the process because even the blue sanitation solution for the equipment looked questionable. Do not go here.
March 21, 2014
good service, amazing spa even for a guy
i dont go to the spa before, but this place was very good massage was very amazing, i was overwhelming with hot stone massage or i think it might be comibation between deep tissue and hot stone, my gf love it too they got sauna too shower itself wasnt too bad i would like it more if they have personal locker but they dont have one im not sure good place for relaxation i would go this place again
March 12, 2014
Bad experience
The place is dirty, towels are stained and my massage experience was poor. Floor is thick with sand a scrub left overs and the smell of something like fresh paint is overwhelming ( from other reviews I know it has been present there for a long time so it cannot be paint). It might be coming from some nail treatment. The atmosphere is not relaxing at all. Even at 50% discounted prices it is not worth it. The manager keeps throwing free services offers at every turn. Clearly they are desperate for good customer experience but they are missing too many basic building blocks to achieve a good result. Dirty, dirty, dirty place and above all they respond to bad reviews by attacking the customers and accusing them of lying! My advice to prospective clients: go there before you make a purchase and see for yourself. To that business management: clean your facility, give customers clean fresh towels and do something with that awful smell. No discount or free service can make me go back if those things are not done.
December 7, 2013
solid on par massage
this is a no frill solid place to get a massage that is on par with the market. I had the swedish, and i felt relaxed afterwards. so, think it as your neighborhood massage-envy type of place. I will go again.
September 9, 2013
Relax and refresh...
I had a wonderful massage, body wrap and facial with microdermabrasion. I did it couple style with a girlfriend and we both had great experiences. The massage was wonderful, lasted 50 minutes and was done while soothing music played in the background. Before turning over, hot rocks were used, felt great. I had never had a body wrap before and that was awesome as well, really rehydrated my skin and was so relaxing, I dozed off a couple of times. I felt the facial was really done well, lots of recommendations and explanations and I felt really cared for. There was no up-selling or coupon offers until after the experience ended. We were offered a lovely, clean shower area to shower in with stone floors. It looks fresh and new. I would say that had I read the comments I might not have tried the groupon, but I am glad I didn't. It seems that they have really turned the place around. The entire staff was kind and good at what they did. I will be back. I purchased an additional awesome deal to do it again, Enjoy! JT
February 10, 2012
Body Wrap
I went here to get a body wrap and it was amazing. The lady made me feel totally comfortable and she was so nice and knowledgeable.
May 19, 2011
Couple Massages using Groupon Deal
Found this SPA using Groupon Daily Deal. It was a 50% off deal and we went there for couple massage and body wrap. We were able to get a private steam sauna and it was very relaxing and it is like we are on a vacation. I recommend anyone who needs a cheap, quick break for a couple of hours. They also had mini-facial deal for groupon customers only while taking body wrap. The manager said they will run the similar deep discounts via facebook and tweeter. Just have to follow from their website www.MSNbeyond.com I highly recommend this place, if you need a romantic break with your girl frield.
November 21, 2010
worst facial/experience ever
I like coming here for the massages, so I decided to come in for a facial. Worst $56 I have ever spent! I should have saved it and used the money for something else. First, I called to make sure they had a opening and they told me they had a opening but that I had to be there in 15 min which was not going to happen. I made the appointment for a hour after I called since I wanted to come in early and use the sauna. That never happened. I get there and was immediatly taking to the room. The tech wanted me to undress while she was still in there. She actually seemed insulted when I asked her to step out. When she comes back in the room and she seemed rushed. She almost burned me with a hot towel. Then when she applied the masques, she kept leaving the room and never massaged my hands or feet. I know she walked out to eat since she kept burping and smelled when she walked in. It was so disgusting, I was never asked if I wanted a robe or if I wanted to use the sauna. I guess I could have asked to speak to someone, but I just wanted to get out of there quickly. That is the 1st time I have never tipped a tech.
September 23, 2010
I love Gina/Massage!
Gina is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She is so nice and gives a great massage. I walked out of there so relaxed! The Spa is nice. They have a steam room and a sauna you can use before and after your treatments. Would go back for sure.
July 4, 2010
One staff was rude
The place was great.. Had Sauna as well... very clean... But....I was very disappointed to be honest. One of the staff was very rude and only spoke Korean to other staff while I was getting services. I assume they speak English fluently. I felt very uncomfortable because I didn't even know what they were talking about. They could have talked about me!!! How rude! They also complained about I was using the gift certificate card which was from Spa Finder because they had to pay xx% of interest or some kind of fees. Well, If they do not like customers to use this particular gift certificate, they should be informing customers they do NOT accept the cards anymore... I felt they just didn't know how to run the business at all... Made me as a customer feel disrespected and unappreciated..... I would choose different spa to get the services from now on... I hope they can improve their professionalism and services to the customers....
Response from Massage Spa & Beyond
I am truly sorry that you were not comfortable while trying to relax. Well, some of the employees are not really good with English, and prefer talking in their native tongue. Believe me, it is not like the episode from Seinfeld. I am pretty sure that they were not complaining that you are using the spa finder gift certificate. I am paying for the gift card service not the employees. It is nothing to do with them. I guess they were just talking about how the gift certificate works. I truly believe that the spa finder gift certificate is truly brilliant idea. It is like in between home style mom and pop restaurant and McDonald. Please, give us another chance to make it up to you. Sincerely, Sei.
June 30, 2010
Nice place for couple massages
I got the information from my friend about this spa. It has nice steam sauna and there are several massage rooms big enough to have couple massages. There are not many spas which have large rooms. I was having a blast with my mom and will be back for more. Nice place.
June 3, 2010
we will be back as soon as we come up with new excuses
I wanted to have a perfect mother's day present. I saw some negative comments about the ceiling situation, and I wanted to make sure if it is a place ready to collapse, but, it was just a rumor. I talked to the owner Seong and she explains that they had some disucssions with the building owner. The place is right next to Dominics so the fixup was taking longer than expected. Anyway, I wanted to have special sessions for us, and we checked out the place in advnce. It was simply great. The place was very clean. We had a great time, I was able to enjoy wet saunas with my mom. Mom is willing to bge back next year, again. Yes, we will be back as soon as we come up with new excuses.
April 30, 2010
nail treatments
I was there few months ago... the lady that was doing my pedicure was removing my cuticles so roughly that my toe started bleeding. I had a little wound around my toe nail for the next few weeks. I have had my toe nails done many many times before but I have never had anyone actually cutting out a piece on my skin! It was a horrible experience. The woman that was working on my toe nails did not even react when I complained that it hurts. I had my friend's wedding right next day and I literally could not wear my shoes because my toe would hurt so badly. I would never go back there to get my nails done. I also overheard a conversation where she complained about not getting a tip from someone who was there before me, which is an extremely unprofessional thing to do in front of a customer.
April 27, 2010
I had a wrap here and it was amazing. The lady who had me was wonderful and I felt completely comfortable
April 20, 2010
Not relaxing atmosphere
It was my first time at this spa salon. I read some reviews before i went and even one was bad, i tried not to judge thinking it can happen anywhere. I booked facial and the massage. Facial was done just fine. The problem started when i walked in the massage room. I felt like i was walking in the operating room. Gray walls and the bed in the middle of the room with white sheets on it .The room was very very cold which made me nervous and stiff. One of the walls had an unfinished paint job. when i was turned on my back, the next 30 min i kept staring at two ugly stained ceiling tiles. It was very eye poking. I couldn't relax at all. I complained when i got to the check out counter and the receptionist was very cold towards the issue saying "we are working on it". I went back online to check the date of the last complaint filed and it was dated November 5. 2009. How long does it take to replace this ugly ceiling and make ambiance relaxing??? such a waste of time and money...
November 5, 2009
ambiance not relaxing and promises not kept
I Booked a European Facial because description said neck and shoulder massage BUT did NOT get this part of the service. I had an 11am appointment on a Wednesday the spa was empty and I was put in a room that had a work ladder in it, a missing ceiling tile, and a water stained ceiling tile. Not sure why I would be put in a room that did NOT create a relaxing ambiance. Also, the light in the ceiling was too bright and shining in my eyes and was not turned down or off when techinician left room. I was NOT relaxed and the atmoshpere did NOT create a relaxing ambiance. The steam for my face was pointed towards my nose NOT relaxing or comfortable. I complained at the front desk and was told the owner performed my service and that she would call me about my complaint BUT I am still waiting for a call or email. Since this was my first time to this spa I am not sure why they would not want a satisfied client so they could have a repeat business??? Walked away dissappointed from the spa !
Response from Massage Spa & Beyond
Dear Customer. We are so sorry about the issues you had. Our receptionist did not know the room condition and put you there. We tried to contact you for the remaining services. We want to have satisfactory customers. We called so many times, our manager memorize your phone number. If you do not want to come to our spa, could you accept the check via mail? Let us know. And if you give us one more change to try our spa, we would appreciate it.
June 23, 2009
my feet felt wonderful. walked in and did not have an appointment. they were happy to take my business. it was a pleasant relaxing surprise. will definitely go back.
May 12, 2009
Great Birthday Experience!
For my birthday, I wanted to do something different. I got a bunch of girlfriends together, and we came here for a relaxing spa day! From the moment we walked in, everything was taken care of. The staff was very friendly and accomodating, and everything was organized well so that we could all get started right away! They even took a picture of the group and had it ready for us before we left. This was my second visit but I will definitely be back and would recommend it to any sort of girls day out!
Response from Massage Spa & Beyond
Dear BirthdayGirl I am really glad you had a wonderful day! We had so many birthday requests since you had a positive posting for you. Thanks for sharing your extraordinary experiences with out spafinder customers. See you next year!
March 28, 2009
Very Clean and Relaxing Environment
Went in for the Massage. After the sauna and shower, my hair was pretty wet. They had this complementary hair service for the new customer. I was happy for the service. Recommend to anyone. I will be back at mother's day for the special. I was told there are some online coupons from the MountProspect website. I will check for sure.
March 15, 2009
Couple Massage
There are not many place around here for the couple massage. Typically we have to fly out to LA or Las Vegas for fun couple massage. Finally, we found one in Mount Prospect! We searched the web and found Massage Spa and Beyond and they have a couple of couple massage rooms available. I recommend to every one.
Response from Massage Spa & Beyond
Hi, Stan09 Yes, we have one of the bigger, full size spa around here. There is no other location where you can enjoy a couple-sauna!! Glad you liked it. We were hoping to create a romantic get-away without flying out far.
January 20, 2009
Very big and clean. Many services
It looks very nice and clean and they accepts spafinder gift certificates so I decide to try out. Besides, the rating from the google is very good. The massage was pretty decent and their facial service was excellent. They have several other services such as hair cut and teeth whitening. I am going to try out the services next time I drop by. Very good and highly recommend to others
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