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United States
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Customer Reviews for Spaah (8)

January 14, 2013
Do NOT recommend prenatal
Had a prenatal requiring me to lay on my side with a pillow which I could do at home if I was wanting that. A prenatal table accomodating the belly would have been nice. But I didn't because I have had to sleep sitting up for the past month from hip pain and breathing issues. ( I am 39 weeks with twins. avoiding induction) I hurt worse after from laying and I guess it's my own fault for doing it that way when I knew better. i should have cancelled eight then. but it was not a massage I got anyway. More just someone rubbing oil on parts of me. Not even entire legs or feet. Just the outside that was showing. My four year old rubs my back better and only charges me a quarter per attention span. 8 hours later I am still working on walking with out crying. I do have to say though, it was a side by side with my sister and she had Neil. She described him as having the hands of an angel so maybe we just were a really bad combination and I might try again when I don't need something specific. There was also a lot of time wasted on breathing technique and some kind of head scratching that really just annoyed me.
April 7, 2011
Happy for years!
I have been going to this spa since before it was a full service spa. I have always found the services to be a wonderful experience. I have used many services over the 11 years of patronage. I love the massages (even had a prenatal massage that was amazing) the body wrap was amazing also. I am not sure they still offer it but I had it done in 1999 a couple days before my wedding. I fit nicely in my dress and my skin was just glowing. I love that they will play your own music for you and accomodate your requests like side by side massages, etc. I look forward to my next visit!
February 23, 2011
Ambiance Needs Work
I enjoyed visiting this spa but if another better option was available in the Bloomington area, I would choose that spa instead. Inside the rooms, it doesn't feel as if it is a spa experience. It feels as if it is a remodeled house instead. The staff is extremely nice and helpful. The massage I received was above average.
February 10, 2011
I was a bit disappointed...
I went to Spaah! when I received a gift certificate for a massage and a 30 minute soak, and I was really looking forward to it. I got to the spa, but couldn't find parking so I was late to my appointment (I know there wasn't much to be done about it since it's downtown but I was still frazzled). The atmosphere was kind of institutional - it felt kind of like going to a doctor's office with a modern aesthetic. I had my massage but the massage therapist was too gentle and didn't use enough pressure (though I asked her to use more). After the massage I was told my time in the soaking tub had to be cut short because I was late. So I was hurried to the tub room, took my robe off, and got in to what I thought would be hot water. The water was tepid at best and I couldn't find a way to warm it up. So I sat in lukewarm water for about 10 minutes and then a staff member knocked on the door and asked if I was done yet. I asked if I could have more time, she sighed and said "Fine." I felt unwelcome enough that I got out and decided to leave. I don't know if I'll go back again after that. I'm disappointed because they have a wide range of services - but the delivery of said services just wasn't what I was expecting for the price.
May 26, 2010
Everytime ive been in to Spaah ive had a great experience!
Response from Spaah
Hi Kaitlin! Thanks very much for your kind review. I'm glad you've enjoyed your visits. It means a lot to me, and I hope we see you again very soon. Thanks again for taking the time to review us here. Sincerely, Donna M. Lafferty, Owner
March 31, 2010
A truly relaxing experience
I spend a lot of my time typing and writing, so my neck and shoulders get pretty tense. I was looking forward to getting some of that pain worked out at my massage at Spaah!, but the experience was far better than I expected. When I walked in, they not only gave me a comfy place to wait for my massage, but they made sure that I was comfortable otherwise and brought me water. Pretty soon it was time for my massage, and my masseuse led me to nice room with relaxing, non-offensive music playing and a warm massage table. Not only did my masseuse do an excellent job of working the tension out of my muscles, but the atmosphere of the massage room completely relaxed me. It was an excellent experience, and it really improved my week. Thanks, Spaah!
Response from Spaah
Wow, Chris! Thank you for a very thorough (and kind) review. I'm really glad you enjoyed your massage, and I hope that we see you again soon. Your support means very much to me. Thanks again for taking the time to review here, Donna M. Lafferty, Owner
February 17, 2010
So Relaxing!
I had a stressful week last week, so I decided to treat myself and unwind at a spa. I had seen Spaah plenty of times on Walnut and thought I'd finally try it out - I had always wanted to try a glycolic peel, too. When I arrived, a nice hostess graciously greeted me, offered me a beverage, and gave me a customer information form to fill out. I later found out that she was Spaah's owner! Now that's dedication! Monica, the esthetician for my glycolic peel, appeared just a minute or two after I arrived. She led me to a small room with relaxing lighting and ideal spa music - piano over ocean waves. She looked over my survey to ask me some questions about my skin - I really appreciated this attention to detail. Then she gave me a few minutes to get comfortable. When Monica returned, she started the process of the glycolic peel. Every movement of her hands was so precise - I could tell she was a practiced professional. She even gave me a nice head massage, which was very relaxing. We chatted through the whole facial - she was fun to talk to! I was really impressed with my experience at Spaah - everything was very professional and relaxing - exactly what a spa should be! I can't wait to go back!
Response from Spaah
Hi Kara. Thanks very much for your review. I will pass along your comments to Monica - I'm sure she'll be very glad to hear that you enjoyed her work. I hope we see you again soon. It's nice to be appreciated! Thanks again for taking the time to review us. Sincerely, Donna M. Lafferty, Owner
January 2, 2010
SPAAH Review
Great service in a relaxing environment. I would go back again, anytime.
Response from Spaah
Good afternoon, Jami. Thanks very much for your review. I'm sorry I didn't see it until now - I guess I never noticed the "review" feature on the SpaFinder website until today. I promise to check it frequently from now on. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit, and I really hope to see you again. Thanks again for taking the time to review us. Sincerely, Donna M. Lafferty, Owner
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