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Nature's Spa and Wellness

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6311 Carmel Road,
Charlotte, NC 28226
United States
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Mon: 9am  -  7pm Tues: 9am  -  7pm Wed: 9am  -  7pm Thu: 9am  -  7pm Fri: 9am  -  7pm Sat: 9am  -  7pm Sun: 10am  -  7pm
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Customer Reviews for Nature's Spa and Wellness (4)

May 22, 2012
Someone, please forward this to my boyfriend! -hint, hint!
Corie is fantastic! A friend purchased a "Nature's Ultimate Spa Treatment" for me as a gift... knowing I needed to detox, relax and rejuvenate. Now, normally I will hoard a massage gift certificate --I love knowing I have some R&R in my back-pocket-- but this time, I'd heard so many great things about Corie I couldn't wait! She paid wonderful attention to all the details: the lighting/softness of the rooms, the peaceful and pleasant fragrances, the gentle music, the temperature(!)... She monitored my comfort consistently, and probably most importantly, she made me feel like I had all the time in the world! Of course I know she's also a business person and has other people on the schedule... but she never made me feel hurried. Best of all she reminded me to release all of my stresses and knots and allow myself to enjoy (without guilt!) the nurturing her treatments offer. Wonderful! I can't wait to go back!
April 9, 2012
Charlotte spa unlike all the rest!
I have lived in Charlotte for 10 years and have personally witnessed the rise and fall of service quality in almost every day spa in town. Just as I was beginning to lose hope, I find Nature's Spa. This quiet, small, private, well-hidden oasis where the massage professionals are ACTUALLY career therapists, not fresh out of school is a delightful breath of fresh air. The careful selection of organic products, (eminence is my favorite) and guided cleansing is wonderful. But the absolute best part is feeling like YOU are the true priority during your time there - no ringing phones, no hair dryers, no waiting while someone in front of you buys shampoo. At nature's spa, it's almost one client at a time and it's ALL ABOUT YOU. I had the nature's ultimate detox body wrap, which is 2.5 hours of bliss, massage, dry brushing, body wraps and moisturizing, jet tub soaking and sauna. I am in love and can't wait until my next treatment! Thanks again.
November 29, 2011
Unbelievable Find!!
I received a spa finder gift certificate and decided to use it at Natures Spa based off of the reviews on line. From the time I scheduled the appointment to the time I walked away I felt so welcomed, taken care of and appreciated that I booked another appointment immediately. I had the integrative massage the first time and scheduled a full Detox body wrap with massage and facial add on for my next appointment. Corie was great and I would have never even known they were right on Carmel Road because the sign is sort of small. I know where it is now and I am so glad I found this place. I plan to buy gift certificates for a few people this year as well.
June 1, 2011
Very disappointing customer service
Unfortunately I never even got in the door! I was given a gift certificate for my birthday of $120 to Nature's Spa & Wellness. As a mother of 2 my life is very busy and things like this are hard to fit into our busy schedules but I was really looking forward to some pampering! Unfortunately the day of my original appointment my children had fevers and therefore I had to cancel at the last minute. I was disappointed but looked forward to rescheduling. I was able to get another appointment just this week, however, after double checking on the gift certificate, I was told that it was no longer worth it's value since I had cancelled my previous appointment. She wanted me to pay an additional $55 (for waxing and products) in order to keep my appointment. After thinking about it I decided she could keep the $120 she made off of my dad and that I would not be using my appointment tomorrow. She didn't give me a way to utilize my gift certificate, she just wanted more money. Cancelled appointments are part of running a business. Now she has alienated me as a customer as well as anyone else I come in contact with. very disappointed.
Response from Nature's Spa and Wellness
In response to TheresaJ from Natures Spa. Thank you for your feedback, we take all reviews, negative or positive very seriously and appreciate the chance to respond. As you can see we have great reviews and work very hard to take care of our clients. We would still like the opportunity to prove that to you. Most, if not all spa's in the Charlotte area have a no-show or cancellation policy, our policy at Natures Spa is not uncommon. It is written on the website and we review it when booking our appointments. There is a full charge for no-shows and a 50% charge for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment. On December 22 you had a no-show that was rescheduled for December 29th. Less than one hour prior to your scheduled session, you canceled your second appointment stating you had a sick child at home. We certainly understand emergencies happen and as a courtesy to you, not only did we waive the standard cancellation fee, we also forgave the no-show fee for the initial appointment. We only requested that you pay an adjusted $20.00 per day cancellation fee, simply to compensate the therapist. Our therapist's have children too, and rely on the appointments scheduled for income. I say this in response to your comment about a business having to expect cancellations. We do expect them; we also set certain boundaries to ensure all parties are accountable and treated fairly. We continually strive for 100% satisfaction in all areas of our business. I apologize if you feel you were treated unjust, it is never our intension to offend or disappoint our clients. If you have further questions or requests, please don't hesitate to call us directly. We're happy to work with you in any way we can.
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