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24764 Rensselaer St, Oak Park, MI 48237-1770 United States 


Getting to the Root.At the Root of Wellness we focus on providing a relaxing environment where you can get away and focus on you. Whether you want a soothing Swedish Massage or a Deep Tissue. It's ok to take a time out. Regardless of the root cause, long-term pain and stress is exhausting. People can become accustomed to living with pain, and the work that is done to get "accustomed" requires energy. It takes energy to put the sensation of pain away from the front of your mind, away from our daily consciousness, smile, and go to work. True healing often starts with a shift in how one relates to oneself, and to address them at their source. I bring an eclectic mix of therapy designed to give you a massage that will not only leave you relaxed and revitalized, but empowered to make the changes to break the cycle of pain.I've been practicing massage for 12 years. I have always held a deep passion not only for the healing aspects, but also the diversity of massage therapy and actively learn and currently offer a variety of techniques tailored to meet each individual's needs. I specialize in using a whole body approach, identifying and treating the often neglected source alongside the symptom. The most common culprit is a muscular imbalance brought on by an injury, poor posture, or too much time sitting. By working WITH my clients and encouraging them to actively participate in their pain management program, I consistently deliver measurable results in decreased pain and increased range of motion in their necks or backs.From sports injuries and rehab to active stretching, I help relax tired, overstressed muscles that are pulling bones out of alignment and bring them back to a more natural, healthy and flexible state. You'll be surprised how quickly we can work together to make measurable improvements and get you feeling better.

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