Salt Breeze

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5-05 Saddle River Rd, Fairlawn, NJ 07663 United States 


Breathe with ease with all natural and effective treatment!
Halotherapy Spa offers a century-old  drug-free Himalayan salt therapy treatments for multiple respiratory and skin ailments that is safe for children and adults and therapeutic massage services. Halotherapy is highly beneficial to the nervous and immune systems as well, enhancing  our emotional and over-all well-being. A person receives the benefits by relaxing and inhaling purified  salt infused air in a specially designed salt room. The micro-climate of a natural salt cave is closely recreated in the salt rooms.The walls and the floor is covered with pure Himalayan Salt and the rooms are equipped with the state-of-the- art Himalayan salt diffuser."Salt Breeze" currently has 2 separate salt rooms and a massage room available  Our KIDS' SALT ROOM features heated floor salt and  is suitable  for children 2 month to 6 y.o..Everyone older than 7 years of age is welcome to visit our MAIN SALT ROOM. All children up to 12 y.o. must be accompanied by an adult to a salt room who gets to receive the benefits absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Visit our MASSAGE ROOM to complement the benefits and experience superior signature therapetic massage.

Hours of Operation

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Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Thursday: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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