Gabriel Massage Salon

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146 Duddingston Road West, Edinburgh, EH164AP United Kingdom 


Welcome to The Empire of Relaxation!
Experience The Art of boywork.
Enjoy the mix of the following therapies:

Swedish Massage
Traditional Hungarian Massage

Other features:

Natural Oils
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Swedish Massage
The most commonly used type of massage. It helps your body and soul become relaxed. In Gabriel Massage Salon a high quality Australian massage oil is used. It has been tested for 13 years.
Features of the oil used:

  • Allows skin to breathe
  • Has no record of causing dermatological problems
  • Rinsing it off in the shower is quick and easy
  • It contains: Sunflower oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut derived from Coconut Oil, Vitamin E
  • An unscented variant is also available

Traditional Hungarian Massage​
A massage that is very effective, mostly painless but still affecting deeper muscle layers. This massage does not require the client to be undressed. It helps patients to feel really refreshed. However, the treatment is not applicable in case of osteoporosis.

Reiki is a healing method related to energy, which is used for preserving health and for promoting healing. Reiki is useful for everyone because its regular use makes our everyday life easier. It provides greater physical and mental harmony, balance and stronger resistance against stress. With the help of Reiki our relationship with ourselves and with others becomes more harmonious. It can help to speed up the healing process in case of illness.
It does not affect toothache and menstrual problems.

None of the above mentioned therapies can serve as a replacement for conventional treatments.
If you are uncertain about the safety of the treatments, please consult your doctor first.