• Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health

About Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health

Family owned and operated skin wellness center, centrally located in the heart of Santa Monica CA. Just 4 blocks away from the beautiful Pacific Coast, and 1 block away from the iconic Third Street Promenade. You may have heard of us before, we were located in a medical building mid Wilshire for over 6 years. Our new location on 1207 4th st opened its doors March of 2016. This is when we were able to move away from by appointment only to a full retail store in the front, awesome treatments in the back. Although we still specialize in custom, organic, high end facials, we have added other whole body modalities to complete your skin health experience, including Reiki, Infrared Body Treatments (sauna), and LED Body Pain Relief.

We distinguish between facials and treatments for a reason; many have grown to know what facials consist of, therefore we offer classic facials that include steps that everyone enjoys, cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, mask, massage, and finishing products, relaxing treatments that leave your skin refreshed. Then we have our treatments, which not everyone is accustomed to. At the spa we have the latest and greatest in beauty technology. LED Therapy, Oxygen Infusion, MicroDermabrasion, MicroCurrent, Ultrasonic, and more.

In addition to our passion for skin health, we knew we needed to add more services that promote whole body wellness. Reiki. An energy healing technique that has been around for centuries and hales from Japan. promotes relaxation like never felt before, aids in insomnia, emotional pain, releases blocked every and much much more. Infrared Body Treatments; many have heard and experienced this type of healing technology, but not like this. Our full spectrum [near, mid and far infrared] booths are also equipped with ChomoTherapy and Acoustic Resonance Therapy. Warmth, color light, and sound surround your body for help with detoxing the body, pain relief, and even weight loss to name a few.

Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health

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Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
1207 4th St,
Santa Monica, CA 90401
United States
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Customer Reviews for Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health (14)

August 10, 2016
Best Facial, Product Line & Service
I am a bit ashamed that it has taken me so long to write this well deserved 5 star review. I have been seeing Diana for monthly facials for the past ten years. It all started when I was pregnant with my son and breaking out all over my face. All it took was one hour with her and I was hooked. Diana lives and breathes her convictions. She is always up to date with the latest skin care procedures. She researches and meticulously sources all the ingredients for her own product line, which I am absolutely addicted to. Diana is also a studied nutritionist recognizing that skin health and skin beauty are connected to overall health and well being. Last but not least, Diana is one of the most delightful, gentle and pleasant people you will ever meet. I cannot recommend Diana Ralys Skin Health highly enough.
July 27, 2015
Gentleman's Facial
Gentleman's Facial was an hour but it passed so quickly I could have gone 4. My first in years but Diana did wonders with no pain. Absolutely recommend Diana's magical hands and will be back soon. However, it was soooo relaxing that I will have to have a friend pick me up and drive me home next time. Lol.
June 1, 2015
Best Facial Ever!
Diana is a miracle worker. Her signature facial is absolutely phenomenal. My skin looks so much better after only two facials. You will want to come back, again and again. Even after one facial, people noticed that my skin looked clear and radiant. Diana is also very knowledgeable on products and treatments. The environment is soothing and relaxing and very private. This is a wonderful experience from beginning to end.
May 23, 2014
Premium Renewal
Not only are the facials heavenly and keep my skin happy as Diana always hopes they will, my monthly visit is a renewal for my spirit as well. From the natural products to Diana's positive, warm personality and expertise, I wouldn't consider going anywhere else! Thank you Diana!
February 7, 2013
Who knew getting a facial could be more relaxing than a massage! Diana is amazing and knows her stuff. The pumpkin peel left my skin clear and renewed.
January 23, 2012
The BEST facial I've ever experienced! And Yes, I am a Facial Junkie; have had them for the past 14+ years. From elegant salons, to high end hotels spas, dermatologist's offices, plastic surgeons' aestheticians, and of course, from many referrals from friends/family and co-workers. Her office is located in a building in Santa Monica (elevator entrance is behind the building with the street address/in the courtyard) Your treatment room is in a very clean/light fragrance and peaceful environment/soothing and relaxing soft music and with a super comfortable bed with soft sheets and light blankets) Diana is in a league all her own. From diagnosing your skin type and its needs, she develops the perfect treatment for your skin. Unfortunately, I've had a health challenge the past 3 years and undergoing treatments have significantly impacted by skin..the texture, increased dryness and becoming thinner and more sensitive to products. I had no idea that Diana was also an expert in managing skin of oncology patients/a "COE" certification. I'm thankful my friend referred me to Diana. She uses organic products gentle to your skin that make a big impact. Today, I had a few extractions (Totally Painless and didn't make my skin turn red. Can't say that about many other aestheticians) oxygen therapy, Led Therapy, luscious creams and light moisturizing oil (called Argan) applied on my skin..truly a lovely experience. My last facial with Diana, I purchased 2 bottles of Argan oil (truly intended to give one bottle to a friend for her birthday..glad I didn't tell her. I enjoyed the oil so much, I kept both bottles. Sorry, Suzi. The good news is today, I purchased 3 more bottles of Argan oil; 2 for me and one for Suzi...maybe) The oil is a great moisturizer, a little goes a long way and not greasy feeling..a great value when you consider other creams. I also bought again her natural Witch Hazel/great gentle toner. She's having a sale of 10% off. Even my husband commented on my skin this afternoon..and he notices nothing like that! :) Excuse me, but 5 Stars isn't enough to rate Diana and her incredible custom facials...she deserves a 10! You wont be sorry to pamper your skin and meet a wonderful woman dedicated to helping you manage your skin with her diagnostic skills, talent, passion and organic skin care products! I proudly refer Diana to my friends/family and co-workers. Thank you, Diana and look forward to my next heavenly facial! DF
May 4, 2010
Simply the best facial ever!
I looked as though I'd had a facelift! It was, without a doubt, the best facial I have ever had. The office (it really isn't a spa) is private and you are the only customer--Diana concentrates solely on you. My facial included my decolletage, my shoulders, my arms and my hands. Such luxury!
April 30, 2010
Experience a master at work
Diana is a true expert in skin care and constantly widens her horizon about new products and treatments. I really love that she believes in natural ingredients. She takes one look at your skin and customizes her treatment to exactly what your needs are. She has a tremendous amount of passion for what she does. I really feel that I could not be in better hands.....literally :)
March 29, 2010
The Best Facials!!
I like to consider myself a facial connoisseur. I love them and try to get one every vacation I go on. I recently had a facial in Napa at this wonderful spa and thought there is no way this can be topped. But I have to say that the Facial by Diana was the most amazing that I have had. I did not know what to expect. The room is decorated beautifully. I am use to going to a spa and the hustle and bustle. Like the other reviewer said it was nice to be the only one and it felt very peaceful. I would definitely recommend it, the products used were great and she was contentious about what she was putting on my skin as well as her recommendations. If you try it once you will be hooked!
Response from Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
Carmen that is so beautiful! Thank you so much. See you again soon. Warm regards, Diana
March 15, 2010
It's All About You!
For years, I have been looking for a place to get facials done where I would feel comfortable enough to go to consistently. I have finally found a home! Diana is amazing! She is extremely skilled at what she does and has a true passion for it. One of my favorite things about this spa is that you are the only one there. There is no hustle and bustle of juggling other clients at the same time. As much fun as it can be to get facials with girlfriends, it is also very nice to have it be "my time". The room is simply lovely. It's spacious and peaceful. There is soothing music playing in the background and delightful scents filtering through the air without being overpowering. The products that Diana uses are of the very best quality and predominantly organic, designed specifically for your skin type. She has a very soothing touch and when she does extractions they're virtually painless. She also gives a shoulder massage that is "to die for". When I left my skin looked fabulous and I was exquisitely relaxed. What more can a girl ask for?
Response from Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
Monique, your words are the best compliment to me and my work. See you again soon. Warm regards, Diana
February 27, 2010
The best facial
I worked with Diana a few years ago, and, as an esthetician myself, I can honestly say she is a remarkable skin care expert. From the time we worked together, her passion was obvious and you can tell she truly enjoyed her profession. I currently live in Boulder, CO, but I had the pleasure of being out in CA and getting a facial from her at her new place, which by the way is a sanctuary- very elegant, peaceful and smells amazing. I came in with dry, dull skin and left with a refreshed glow. I also love the products she uses, especially the face oil she made especifically for my skin. It's fabulous! Not to mention the face and neck massage....Definitely recommend every one to try. You'll skin will love it and you'll get hooked. Thanks Diana!
Response from Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
Monica, I highly appreciate your proffesional opinion and you words mean a lot to me. I wish you would live closer. Looking forward to see you again on your next visit to California. Warm regards, Diana
February 19, 2010
You will not be disappointed
Premium Skin Care by Diana is wonderful. First of, Diana is one of the most well round skin therapist I have worked with. I have been looking for someone to help give my skin that smooth vibrant look. I achieved this by working with Diana at her new beautiful location with a wide variety of skin products. You will not be disappointed.
February 18, 2010
after leaving her spa my face feels so fresh and soft. she definetly knows what she's doing and all of her certificates in the waiting room prove it, she gave me so many recommendations of what to do at home and what products would give me the best results ( and FREEEE SAMPLES :]).also, the enviroment is very elegant and relaxing yet professional. when i walk in through her door i know that i wont be disappointed with the results i recieve. also she has a variety of different facials to suit your type of skin, so no matter what kind of skin you have she'll take great care of you, and hey if you're a student you'll even get a DISCOUNT :]] love it love it
Response from Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
Hi Kristina, Thank you sweetie for your beautiful review! I am happy that you liked my recommendations and yes, you can enjoy special "student" price as long as you continue your education. All the best, Diana R.
February 17, 2010
Most Natural and Beneficial Facial in LA
If you are looking to find the most healthy, effective way to take care of your skin in Los Angeles... look no further. Diana is THEE best esthetician you can find-- anywhere. I've been going to Diana for over 4 years now, and the reason that I have remained so faithful is this--Diana is a *wonderful* person, and she truly has the highest good of all concerned in mind. What really strikes me about Diana is how committed she is to using the best, most sustainable products. She is uber-environmentally conscious, and she can tell you where her products come from, what they are made of, and why they are so beneficial. Plus, she makes every single facial personalized to what your skin needs, and she works with you to find products that work the best for you skin. She will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you. Also, in addition to her integrity, kindness, and delightful personality.... you'll just LOVE the facial. She massages your hands, your neck... she does all these amazing masks... the aromas (natural, of course) soothe you... it's just an idyllic experience. The salon is very clean and warm. The large treatment room is painted with this delicious chocolate color--I love it!
Response from Radiance Wellness Spa | Diana Ralys Skin Health
Hi Ann, Thank you very much for such an amazing review! You are simply the best! It is my honor and pleasure to be your skin therapist. Much love, Diana
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