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496 28 1/2 Road #2, Grand Junction, CO 81507 United States 


Located in Grand Junction, Colorado, The Massage Store specializes in relieving and reducing pain and other symptoms as a result of injury, stress, tension, and more. The 2,000-square-foot spa has a warm, homey atmosphere, with six treatment rooms that are usually lit with candles and/or fountains. The reception area has a comfortable sofa to relax on as well as retail products to browse through for purchase. The spa offers 30-, 75-, 90-, or 120-minute massage, and 75- or 90-minute couple's massage. Hot stone massage, prenatal massage (including prenatal packages), sugar/salt scrubs, aromatherapy wraps, essential oil face wraps, paraffin wax hand/foot dips, ear candling, and cupping are also available. A shower is available for clients as well, and a complimentary bottle of water is offered after each massage session.