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145 Palisade Street #LL2, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 United States 


Bravo CrossFit teaches functional exercises; including kettlebell training, bodyweight calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics; purposely avoiding muscle isolating machines in favor of the real world movements of life and sport.Our members come from all walks of life: students, business executives, stay-at-home parents, triathletes, and martial artists. Our focus is on improving ALL areas of fitness (Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy); most people only ever train endurance or strength which leads to imbalances and boredom!At Bravo CrossFit you are never left to your own devices. Our purpose is to teach you the most effective fitness and nutritional practices. We do this with small groups of like minded people, led by an expert coach who will run you through a challenging workout that changes every time, and most importantly, by building a relationship with you.If it’s been a while since you’ve exercised, don’t worry. All our workouts are “scalable” based on your current ability. We make adjustments in the repetitions, weight, and distance so that everyone can participate.Every workout is different, we rarely do the same routine twice, and because our classes are no more than 60 minutes long they can fit into even the busiest schedules.Finally, Bravo CrossFit is FUN! You’ll find both coaches and participants welcoming, supportive, and committed to creating an environment where everyone can succeed. To us, fitness is a part of life.A fit person deals with the stresses and anxieties of modern life with confidence and strength, and is more physically able to do the things that bring joy and fun to life – from staying alert and energetic throughout your work day, to running around with your kids, to being physically active and playing sports long past when you shouldn’t be.We believe 110% in the ability of Bravo CrossFit to get you the results you want. Give it a try and it will change the way you think about exercise and fitness forever.